Mazda installing tether anchors?

Longhorn Lady

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Does anyone have any experience with Mazda dealerships installing tether anchors for free?

My car has officially been deemed a "total loss" after my accident last month, so I'm on the lookout for a nice, used car. I had really good luck with the Ford dealerships installing a free Tether anchor in my car as well as my boyfriend's.

I don't want to buy a car that won't have a way to put an anchor in. Thanks :)


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According to my LATCH manual, Mazda does charge for them, the cost ranges from $11 to $35, but they are available for most post-89 vehicles.

Longhorn Lady

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Thank you, thank you!

(If you don't mind, I might hit you and your LATCH Manual up for another car that I'm considering as well!) ;)

Also, I just checked out your CPS Shop and I'm in love. I want one of those "carseat geek" shirts badly! I've already emailed the link to my boyfriend for any moment that he might feel like surprising me. Who needs roses when there's a CPS shirt out there :p


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NP! Glad to help. :)

LOL Glad you like the shop. I'm constantly adding new designs. :) The latest is a bumper sticker that says "Buckle up...your children are watching".


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Mazda dealerships and Mazda corporate headquarters all quoted me a cost of $116.50 for one tether anchor kit for my 1994 Mazda MPV. The cheapest I found online to order the kit myself from a parts store was just under $100.


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that's good to know. I still need to order the '05 manual though.....
on the subject of tether anchors I had to fight my local Jeep dealer - they absolutely did not believe that corporate said to do them for free. I almost marched down there with my manual and showed them. lol

Longhorn Lady

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Rebekah or Darren:

Will one of you look in your LATCH Manuals and see if they say anything specific about any of the Mazda Models? I am getting ready to buy a Mazda 626 tomorrow afternoon and want to be armed with any information I might need in order to have a tether anchor installed :)

Its not an immediate need, as I have a 17 month old with me daily, but she's still RF :) Its my 4 year old niece that I have occasionally (sometimes very often, sometimes not...totally depends on the time of year).

So I just want to be ready for when I have her and her MA with me.



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Keeping in mind Darren's manual is newer than mine...
According to my manual there are anchor locations in all three rear positions (weld nuts in the rear filler panels, mostly)from 89-on, if I'm reading the chart correctly. The part numbers change depending on the year of the vehicle though. I can get you the specific numbers if you tell me the year of the vehicle.


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Pretty much what mine says. If you are buying a 1990-1992, we also need to know if it is the sedan or hatchback. 2000-2002 models had anchors standard.


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When purchasing the vehicle, mention that is one of the items you need installed. Most dealerships will install them to sell you the car. At least that is what happened when we were looking at used Toyotas and GM cars. Both dealerships offered to have 3 anchors installed, as a selling point of the car. Good luck!


Hi. I was wondering if Mazda Capella 2000 has anchor points to install a car seat. I am about to buy one and need this info asap because I have to decide very quickly. Thank you.


CPST and ketchup snob
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The car sold as the Capella in Japan was sold as the 626 in the US. A US model 626 2000 MY has 3 tether anchors. No lower anchors but that's fine, they're never necessary as the seatbelt can always be used instead; nothing replaces a tether anchor so that's the important part.

If it's a Japanese model, no guarantees.

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