Anything taller than a Radian?


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So the saga continues.... :)

Bit the bullet & bought a RN r120. Waited for it, had to return, waited for another, couldn't safely install, ordered the AA, waited for that, struggled, struggled, finally got it in..

Then I strapped my 32# 19mo DS in only to discover that his head is already at the Diono logo (from the side). That means that if the limit is 1.5" from the top, he will probably outgrow it RF by the end of this summer. :'(

I really thought the RN was the answer to our ERF prayers. I can't even begin to ask DH to buy another seat in a few months -I had to beg for this one - but it breaks my heart to have to turn DS around before he's 2.

Are there taller seats than the RN?

Any advice would be appreciated. You gals/guys are the best! TIA!


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Can you post a pic of him in the seat? He may have more room left than you think. They really start sprouting legs after 2. At least mine did. :)


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Yes, but you won't like the answer. By the time your DS outgrows the Radian the Foonf will be out. It's two inches taller rear facing, and will be about $475.

Would you mind posting pictures so we can take a peek? That's insanely tall for a 19 month old.



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Most kids start growing legs around this time. DS has been at the same spot for months now. At 18 months I was sure he would have outgrow it before 3.


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I should be able to get a pic of him in the morning.

He's not super-tall, he's just all torso. My brother is the same; he's 6'4" but his legs aren't much longer than mine & I'm only 5'4". I have a feeling that's where DS is headed. He has a lot of other features from my brother, too.

Maybe we'll get lucky & the next spurt will be legs only. <crossing fingers>

Just checked out the Foonf. Love the features (anti-rebound, lockoffs), but the price.... WOW! Ouch...

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I wouldn't discount the Radian. You've got ages left. My kid was at the top of the logo when we got it got her 2nd birthday and she didn't outgrow it RF until 5. She was wearing size 6/7 tops at that point.


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My 2 year, 11 month old's head was entirely covering the SK sun logo (which looks to be similar to the placement on the diono logo). He still fits in it by height at 3y5 months. And he's truly huge with a long torso.

Slightly OT, but did Foonf revise their overall height limit RF yet? I'm not having luck sifting that info out from any of the many many Foonf threads...


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The Foonf is taller than the RN? I thought it had the same FF harness height, does that mean it has a taller shell, so the shoulders can go way above the harness height?

OP, they really do grow legs and slow down in their growth also. My (then) 2yo moved into the RN before Christmas and he's on the same harness slot as my 6yo was and it's been months and I've yet to have to move the harness. My 6yo is short (w/ long torso), but still (now) fits in the RN RF. I've seen (many) 4yo's taller than him. I'm sure there are even some 3yo that are taller than him. Maybe it's me, but I can not imagine a 2yo taller than him! LOL



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The foonf site lists 46" and 45 pounds as height and weight limits. Seating height is 26.5" and top harness is 17.5" - I don't know how those compare to radian.


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Remember, the Radian rule is actually 1" of SHELL. Not 1.5". They say 1.5" in case someone mistakenly looks at the poofy cover. And make sure you're measuring properly -- after buckling him in, hold something straight on top of your child's head at a right angle to the shell (not level with the ground).


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And Foonf will still have the 46" height limit in the manual but is not strict on it. They'll allow rf until an inch from the top of the headrest, at least that is what they say on their FB page


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armywife12 said:
The Complete Air is a few inches taller
How is this true? When I put DS in a Complete air he has about 3-4" but in the radian he has about 5-6" (from top of shell).

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The shell of the CA is 25" but the headrest extends (to 27.5") and the seat allows the head to be even with the top of the headrest.

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