Question When you buckle a child in their seat what do you buckle first?!

Which Do You Fasten First?

  • Chest Clip

    Votes: 48 36.4%
  • Crotch Buckle

    Votes: 79 59.8%
  • Other - because there is always an other....

    Votes: 5 3.8%

  • Total voters


New member
Okay - no point to this thread other than curiosity. When you are putting a LO in a car seat, which do you fasten first - the chest clip or the crotch buckle? :p

I always buckle the chest clip first, DH always buckles the crotch buckle first. :D


Well-known member
I don't have any particular order. Sometimes it's the chest clip because I've just taken the time to make sure the straps aren't twisted. Sometimes it's the crotch strap to keep him in place. ;)


New member
Chest clip. Especially when I was using the RN FFing because I couldn't loosen/tighten the harness very well, so I just left the harness at the same length. I found it easier to buckle the chest clip, then the crotch.

But now, the kiddo's new favorite thing is to do it herself, so she does the chest while I do the crotch buckle.


New member
Crotch buckle. I am not really sure why. I do it now because dd2 likes to buckle the chest clip herself but I have always done it that way, even when they were newborns.


Admin - CPS Technician
Crotch buckle.

I used to do it in no particular order until one day when DS, as a FFing toddler, arched his back during a fighting-getting-in-the-seat fit, and slid out of his seat. I realized if his chest clip had been fastened, he probably would have started strangling on it. So after that, it was always crotch first.

Now DD does her own chest clip while I do her crotch buckle, so it saves a bit of time and keeps her happy.


New member
I buckle DS's chest clip first because he is an expert at the stiff-as-a-board thing and it sorta holds him in place. At least it slows him down a bit while I move his butt back 4 times before managing to quick like a bunny get the crotch strap done.

I used to buckle DD's crotch strap first, then chest clip, because the itty bit of slack taken up by the chest clip made the crotch strap a bit more difficult to do. I don't tighten/loosen on a regular basis. Now she does her own chest clip, and it might be before I do her crotch strap, or as I'm doing it, or after.


New member
Crotch buckle. It gets him in his seat, then he likes to do up his chest clip. We would never leave the driveway if I let him do his chest clip first- he loves reaching for the dome light above him.


CPST Instructor
In DS' Radian I buckle the chest clip first. I think I buckle the chest clip when putting him in most seats. I don't really know why, that's just how I do it.


New member
I always do the crotch buckle first because I always have to dig it out. It doesn't matter if its the Radian, Frontier85s or the Keyfit.


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MA70- chest clip
MR65- chest clip
TFP- crotch buckle

I can't get the crotch buckle in on the first 2 without the chest clip in place.
I can't adjust the continuous harness after I do the chest clip on the TFP. I hate having to loosen and tighten the harness on all 3 seats so that is what I do to avoid it.


New member
I buckle the crotch strap first because dd likes to buckle herself, and she is only able to do the chest clip.


Due to back arching, I teach crotch buckle first. I let the kids try to do the chest clip.


New member
Crotch buckle first, otherwise ds is grabbing for the chicken handle, the DVD player (factory flip-down one that only comes down on road trips), and anything else within reach. He likes to do his own chest clip and it's more likely to be lined up correctly if the crotch buckle is done first.

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