Seat for infant with severe hydrocephalus


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I am asking this for a friend who had a child in late October who was born with severe hydrocephalus. He is currently in an infant bucket but will need to switch over to a convertible within coming months.

At 4 months old: his head is 54cm in circumference, and carries about 3 extra pounds of fluid in it currently. His total body weight is 19lbs4oz, and he is 27 inches tall. Also, I believe head slump would be an issue with him as he cannot physically lift his head up so the angle would still need to be 45 degrees.

Obviously, due to the size of his head and delicate condition mom wants to keep him RF for as long as possible. His 2 year old sister maxed out her truefit RF by weight at about 22 months. Mom drives a 96 Acura Integra.

I was thinking the best options may possibly be either the Radian XTSL because of the 45lb limit RF or possibly even petitioning the NHTSA to bring over a Swedish seat to RF him to 55lbs (although that option may be cost prohibitive to them as they are struggling financially)

Will a Radian fit in a 96 Acura? Are there other options for mom to consider aside from the Radian? I know there are special needs seats she may be able to consider. She is in California, would insurance help pay for a special seat for him?

Thanks so much guys :)


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Start with a regular american convertible. A swedish seat will not be necessary for a long time and he won't fit for a while anyway since they are generally used from 9+ months.

I wouldn't do an XT simply because he can't use the headwings at this point and the sides aren't deep. Maybe later it will be a good option, especially if they can't afford a swedish seat later, but for now, I'd pick something that just offers good support. It doesn't necessarily need headwings, but nice deep sides you can prop rolled blankets against would be nice. I like the graco my ride for my kiddo who has no head control.

Insurance may or may not pay. IME, they only pay for actual "special needs" seats...britax traveller, britax hippo, ect.


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I think the Graco My Ride would be a good choice right now because it will support his head nicely. Depending on his weight/height gain, they could plan on the Radian XTSL when he's bigger.


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The Graco MyRide rear faces to 40lb and has deep side wings - but open enough for a larger head. It's so nice of you to help your friend search this info out.

The MyRide sits nice and tall and when it turns FF, it has a nice natural recline.


I am the friend Tara was helping...thank you guys SO MUCH. I think we will look into the MyRide.


Do you use an additional neck collar or head support to help with positioning? If so, what have you tried?


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Do you use an additional neck collar or head support to help with positioning? If so, what have you tried?

This thread is 8 years old so you're unlikely to get a reply from the original posters. :)

Collars shouldn't be added unless prescribed by a doctor (preferably one who's familiar with car seat requirements.) Rolled blankets along the side of the head can be added if needed. With hydrocephaly, a wide-open convertible may be needed. In some severe cases a baby with a very large head and no head support might need a car bed for a while. The best thing to do if having issues is see a CPST who's had the additional training in transporting children with medical needs.

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