Recco wanted: easy seats for twins in taxis


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I have 2.5 year old twins. They are 34-35 inches and ~30 lbs.

I need them to be able to take taxis/ubers with our nanny. This could be as frequently as 2x a day. Cars models are obviously completely unpredictable.

Top priority is ease of install and uninstall. Must be the quickest and simplest; I would much prefer to just use the seatbelt. I don't want to have to teach the nanny different ways to install. I don't think she would figure out latch on unknown cars.

Light weight is the next criteria. She would probably put them in a pull wagon or something once they get out, but I wouldn't want her to have to lug them around.

The ideal option would seem to be the SafeRider vests, but they can't use them for another 6 months.

Was thinking about the Cosco High Back Booster. Just don't know if there is something out there that is easier to install / unistall.


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Hmm, my first thought is to go to Walmart and get two of the lightweight seats that don't come in boxes and stack together like Pringles. Then maybe the nanny can figure out a way to bungee them to the wagon after.

Not sure of their torso sizes but hopefully they aren't too tall in the torso that one of those seats will give you at least six months before they fit into RSTVs.

My other thought is the Go, but that can be hard to install with a seatbelt and requires a top tether so I don't know if you'd encounter a car without those.

Good luck!


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Go looks cool, but way too complicated. With twin toddlers, time is everything.

Harmony makes a high back booster that folds up. I am intrigued by it. I realize they ideally aren't in a booster till older, but it literally fits all the qualifications
1. Simple to install
2. Meets height and weight
3. Super light (7 pounds) and folds compact.
Its been discontinued but can still be bought online. booster car seat

If nanny sits in the back seat with them and keeps them from escaping this could work I think.

Harmony also makes a backless booster, but that seems wrong that a 34 pound child could safely ride in. None of the other backless boosters have 30 lb weight, all are 40. I would not be comfortable.

But with a back, I think they would stay in their seat and not wiggle out. Plus other full back boosters list 30 lb (most other than harmony however say 38 not 34 inches).

Thoughts from the experts?


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Don't know what state you are in, but here the booster law is 4 years AND 40 pounds, and even then most techs. recommend waiting longer.

I'm not sure your going to find something that is fast to install, folds up and will safely harness your twins.

The immi go folds and is safe, but as you stated may be complicated.

Meeting your first 2 priorities would be a Costco Nex. It is light and easy but doesn't fold up at all. A two pack at Walmart is under $90. They would last you at least 6 months until you could buy RSTV's.


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The booster isn't just about weight - its about bone structure - having a 5 point harness helps dissipate crash forces and the risk for submarning (sliding under the seatbelt during a crash) is greatly increased the younger the children are.

The New Britax Click Tights are easy instillation but are heavy to lug around...

As a previous poster suggested The Cosco Scenera Next stack and install fairly easily, but the kids may be close to outgrowing them (they are probably close to outgrowing the Cosco High Back too)

The Radian folds up and has straps so you can make it into a backpack, but is heavy too and I wouldn't want your Nanny to carry 2 of them around.

Are you near a major city where you can call Uber Family? I'm not sure which citys have Uber Family... I think NY, DC and Philly - not sure what others...


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4 years old is the bare bones minimum for boosters, and that is in rare circumstances, for the most mature children that are capable of following rules at all times in the car, and never slumping out of position. Most children are 5-6 years old before they are ready to move to a booster. There are also risks of submarining- where the child's body slides out from under the seat belt. If you want a sad real life story, search Belle's Story.

This blog post discusses booster usage too:


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Yeah, I'm pretty sure SureRides would stack. They're easy to install and light, just bulky.

With Uber Family they probably only have one IMMI Go per car? That wouldn't work. Edited to add: yes, the website says they only have one seat per car.

Any chance your nanny could just take the kids on public transportation?


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I can't imagine the logistics of installing 2 restraints with 2.5yo twins. Who watches the twins while the nanny is installing the seats? Here, taxi drivers won't install the seats nor will they help with the kids. Plus how does the nanny haul the 2 seats and the twins??

While off label, I might make the parental decision to go with vests in this case. I personally would take the risk of the vest over that of a booster. There is zero chance I would use a booster for 2.5 yos. I also thought that there were limited boosters in the USA rated for 30lbs. I could be wrong about that.

Just an FYI for anyone reading this thread in Canada, boosters wouldn't be an option (kids need to be 40lbs) and we don't have the vests here. So only option would be harnessed seats. Which brings us back to the logistics problem.


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I would take buses and trains. I can't even imagine lugging around seats and installing and uninstalling and making sure the kids are safe. But, the Maestro would be the best bet. We've been able to sort of put them on as a backpack before.


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My 4.5 year old can't sit still in a booster. No way would I put it 2 year olds in them. The nanny can do nothing for them in an accident.

Personally, I would go with 2 surerides. I would put the kids in the car and then install one seat, pug kid in, go around to other side and install the other seat. Kids are in the car while you or the nanny are installing seats. It's not ideal and it's inconvenient, but life with two little kids is just that way sometimes.


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I can't imagine the logistics of installing 2 restraints with 2.5yo twins. Who watches the twins while the nanny is installing the seats? Here, taxi drivers won't install the seats nor will they help with the kids. Plus how does the nanny haul the 2 seats and the twins??

You hit the nail on the head. She is a supernanny, but even a supernanny has limits!

If you believe crackpot statistics, 80% of childseats are installed incorrectly. In this case of the 2 seats. I'm sure 100% would be installed incorrectly 100% of the time.

Thanks and great suggestions All.
1. Looked up the law. Doesn't seem like there is any state where it wouldn't be ok to use the folding booster. I checked all the big ones. My state its legal. CA and IL are legal. NY, PA, OH, TX not legal (40lbs for booster), except we are talking taxi (Ohio defines taxi as transportation paid for so uber counts) which has exemption.

2. Just using the vest at 2 isn't an option. Bare minimum for me would be follow law and manufacturer suggestions. So that's out until 3.

3. Consensus seems to be the lightest 5-point seat (cosco HBB, Sureride, Meastro, etc). They all seem the same and all seem like you have a tough install. I will check a few out. Maybe see how she does at installing them. Test run if you will. Really was hoping there was one people would be like "its so easy it installs itself"

4. I understand the too young will wiggle out of the seat. But for a 5 minute ride (we are not talking about unsupervised 12 hour roadtrips). The nanny would make sure they don't wiggle out so that for me removes the main argument against a booster. Plus the HBB from reviews are much harder to wiggle out of than the backless boosters.

Instead of arguing if they are too little for a booster, the real question is of these 3 options, which is best:
1. Improperly installed car-seat (if I could even convince her to use)
2. Properly installed folding booster with high back
3. Seatbelt only

I really think I can get her to do number 2. I'm not sure about 1. 3 is also a real option. Legal and safer than not seatbelt. Easiest on her. Still safer than no belt.

Does anyone really think seatbelt only is better than a folding booster?

To head off other suggestions that I have thought of that won't work:
1. Buy the nanny a car. Sadly, she can't drive.
2. Public transit and walking. That's what she does now. Doesn't work great for the suburbs and as they have gotten bigger its much harder to wrangle them on the bus with gear.
3. UberFamily is only one seat. Plus not sure how reliable it would be. Plus not offered in my suburb.
4. Let them sit in my basement for 6 more months. That is the other option I suppose.


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Personally, I would go with 2 surerides. I would put the kids in the car and then install one seat, pug kid in, go around to other side and install the other seat. Kids are in the car while you or the nanny are installing seats. It's not ideal and it's inconvenient, but life with two little kids is just that way sometimes.

This is what I would do as well. But I'm not sure I can trust a nanny to do it and do it right.

Plus I'm not sure the limited amount of additional safety is worth the effort. In a fixed car scenario no question. In this one I'm not convinced.


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The plot thickens. Found this on the RideSafer website... I am coming around to using the vests at 2.5 yo instead of the other 3 options:

Ultimately as a parent that decision is yours. As CPS technicians we of course want to see parents using best practice and following manufacturer’s specifications, and we understand reality does not always make best practice feasible.

We cannot recommend using the RideSafer outside manufacturer’s specifications. The manufacturer has to rate the child restraint to an age and the smallest crash test dummy they can crash test it with is age 3 (to go any younger they would have to crash test with an age 1 dummy which just wouldn’t work). The 3 year old crash test dummy is intended to represent the 50th percentile 3 year old child, which means half the children are smaller and half are bigger.

If you do choose to use a RideSafer, we would recommend an adult sitting near the child to make sure the child sits properly in the seat during the whole drive and using a RideSafer 2 for the additional support of the tether strap.


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Considering you're in the suburbs, I think the main issue is not what car seat should you use that's likely not particularly safe for the situation you describe, but more that your choice of childcare can't really provide what you need right now: a provider who can and will drive your children safely where they need to go.

Personally, I'd take a bus over the options you describe. Or, I'd find a nanny who is a reliable and safe driver.


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With the situation you have, I'd seriously buy a bike and a nice bike trailer and they can bike around to parks and such.


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A 2.5yo child is simply not safe in a high-back booster seat. Their little bodies are simply not ready for the forces transferred to them by the adult seatbelt.

As a nanny, I wouldn't be so quick to discount yours. When I found out that I'd been installing my nannykids' seats improperly, I not only educated myself on how to do it correctly, I ended up getting certified as a child passenger safety technician so I could *know* that I was using the seat correctly every time. In fact, I became so passionate that I now work as a CPST in a paid capacity, teaching seat distribution classes and assisting with car seat check events. I still work as a nanny on top of that, but keeping kids safe is extremely important to me!

Your toddlers still need seats with harnesses. Boosters are not safe, seatbelts alone are not safe. If you want "installs itself," you want a ClickTight seat - but they are heavy and I wouldn't want to tote them around all day, even in a wagon. I would opt for a Next, a Go, or a SureRide and teach your nanny how to install it properly. If your nanny is unwilling to learn how to properly transport your children, then I would be very concerned where else she is comfortable cutting corners. The car is the most dangerous place for your kiddos to be. The other option is to restrict the trio to places within walking distance. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic - I know it's not ideal - it's just a matter of your kids simply not being safe in a vehicle without a harnessed seat at their ages.

What Uber family, and she just installs one seat each time? Or did you say they're unavailable in the area?


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Yea, I wouldn't use a booster for 2.5 year olds. I'd personally get a new nanny, invest in a good double stroller or just have rely on public transportation.

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