I really want to get certified.


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Today as I was pulling out of walmart I looked at the car parked in front of me and there was a Bucket installed forward facing with a little little one in it. I could not not say anything..

I said " Excuse me, Your child is so adorable, I just wanted to make sure you know that that seat is only to be used rearfacing.. That using it in that way is not safe for your son. That is a great seat but to work for him in a crash it needs to be installed rear facing. "

She got really really defensive.. I said in a calm voice. " I know that I am intruding and I don't mean to. I just don't want to see your son hurt. "

She calmed down and started talking about how long his legs were and hit the back and I told her that was not an issue and then told her she could call the local hospital for help with her seat..

I can not believe that they had a class around the corner until I was ready to take it.. ARG. I just need to get certified. Now.


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Yes I know.. But then at least I could have offered to help her. When I left she was asking where she could get help. I gave her the local place I know gives checks regularly.

I never do that but I just could not say nothing.. It was just right there.. Maybe she will go, maybe she won't. But I could not say nothing..


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I don't give unsolicited advice. It's futile. At least you got her thinking about it. Hopefully she will follow up.


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I've concentrated VERY hard on the "just don't look" when out in the public like that. It seems harsh, but I'm slowly learning you can't save the world.

Also, I'm not sponsored by any kind of agency so any actual hands on help without an insurance policy for me is risky.

People don't like criticism in general - you are brave to have said something and hey, she asked where she could go so that's good.


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There should be a local-ish course soon. I drove into the city for mine a few years ago.


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There should be a local-ish course soon. I drove into the city for mine a few years ago.
Really? I was worried it wouldn't be for awhile there was just a recent course in Philly at one of the children's hospitals I really wanted to go but was like 8-9 months pregnant so I passed :(


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There should be a local-ish course soon. I drove into the city for mine a few years ago.
I hope so. There was one that used to be here in bucks county every year until about two years ago.

As a rule I don't ever say anything if not asked. I just could not say something when she was standing there.

It's not about saving the world for me. It is about being able to actually know I am helping some by actually being able to help. To be productive in the field.

auto correct hates me


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I totally get what you're saying, Baylor. I rarely - very rarely - approach strangers. When I do, it's nice to be able to mention that I am trained.

(Example, one time a mom was parked next to me. She had the back door open, blocking the route to my door, so I stood and waited while she secured her child into his seat. It was several minutes, and I was at the right angle that his seat was in my line of sight. When she got out, she apologized for holding me up - I told her no big deal, then continued by telling her I knew it was none of my business, but that I couldn't help but see her carseat while I waited, that I worked in child passenger safety, and that I noticed she had the seat installed FF through the RF belt path. She was very appreciative. It was very natural, but I think the fact that I mentioned I was trained made a big difference.)

Glad your mom was receptive. Sometimes, even with being certified, directing them to local resources is the best we can do. Growing up, my parents often told me, "You can't save 'em all!" Nowhere is that more true than in the area of CPS.

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