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The Graco IPO is a new umbrella-style stroller which holds up to a 50-lb. child. It's available online in a gray/orange model, and at Babies R Us in a brown model. I bought one at BRU (in-store) on Tuesday for $79.99.

We spent all day at Busch Gardens yesterday and used the IPO for my 39 lb, 39" 3.5-y.o. DS. It was great. He had plenty of room, and even took an hour-long nap in it and woke up happy and ready to go again. :)

- Tall handles (I'm 5'7" and didn't have to hunch over to push)
- Sun canopy (although it's not adjustable, it does have a "sun visor" part)
- Basket
- Roomy for child
- Folds and opens easily
- Reclines
- Carrying handle
- Front wheels swivel or lock
- Larger than a regular umbrella stroller, but still feels compact to push, steer, fold and carry.

- Heavier than regular umbrella stroller
- First one I bought had a defect - seatback wouldn't stay in the upright position - BRU immediately exchanged it for me. I hope this won't be a problem with the new one.

I was glad to find this stroller as we're going to be making several trips to BG this summer, and everyone is happier if the 3.5 y.o. isn't overly tired from walking (especially me -- carrying a 39-lb kids in 90-degree heat is more of a workout than I want). :) (Yes, kids this age shouldn't need a stroller, but there are times when it makes sense. Fortunately, he has no problem riding along for the day!) I wanted a stroller that I could fold up quickly and carry at times--when we take the tram from the parking lot or the train in the park--although BG will accommodate larger strollers, it's more of a pain.)

For the price, the IPO appears to be a good stroller option for a larger child. I'll post of a picture of the IPO next to a Jeep umbrella stroller later today if I can.


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I saw someone with one of those strollers yesterday. I thought it was a Maclaren or a Combi at a glance, but then I saw the graco emblem. It looked pretty good to me. Especially for a Graco!


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Looks at bit like a Mosaic w/out a tray is it nicer? I brought the Mosaic to Lifesavers and it wasn't have bad. A little heavy compared to a Mac but Josh took a nap in it at the airport and the SS1 hung nicely off the handle.


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I looked at a Mosaic on craigslist, and when I went to the Graco website to get more info. on it, I noticed the IPO. It looks like the Mosaic is more substantial than the IPO. The IPO might not be as durable or long-lasting as a Maclaren (or similar brand), but it's a nice option for less than $100.


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I have the mosaic, and for the money, it is a great stroller....

If you need a small stroller with lots of features and infant seat compatable,and less than $100, it is the way to go....


Hi Trailrunnermom
Just wondering if you still love your new Graco Ipo. I have been looking at buying a Maclaren, but this looks like an equally good option at half the cost.

Any further information about it since your review would be great.

Andrea :)


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I saw the Ipo at Goore's in Sacramento and at BRU, I like the mosaic better. I have it in Ionic and it is so easy to fold and unfold. Just have to remember to take the canopy off before folding or the wheels get it dirty. I hate that.


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Hi Trailrunnermom
Just wondering if you still love your new Graco Ipo. I have been looking at buying a Maclaren, but this looks like an equally good option at half the cost.
Any further information about it since your review would be great.
Andrea :)
So far, it's been great. Our 3-yo has slept so soundly in it that he slept through a trip to the grocery store and another outing to the mall. We also use it for walking to the pool, loaded with the boy and pool bags. :)

I worry a little about how durable it's going to be in the long run, since it's a new model. But it's been worth it to have a stroller that folds up this small, holds our 3-yo, and even has a small--but very usable--basket.

I think BRU has the MacLaren Triumph on sale now -- just got a sale flyer in the mail -- for $129 (strollers over $100 are $20 off through 7/15/07 - in-store or online coupon # SKN 917881). I haven't had a Maclaren so I can't compare it with the IPO for actual use. The MacLaren weighs less, though.

But the IPO is working great so far! :)

Update as of March 2008: The IPO is still in good shape. We used it a lot last summer; not so much during the fall and winter. Just went to Busch Gardens again and DS2, now 4-1/4 years old and 42 lbs., was still happy to ride in it and still seemed comfortable. I'll definitely hang on to it for one more summer; it's about 1/3-mile walk to our pool so it will be great for hauling DS2 and pool gear. :)
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