Getting Rid of my Pliko P3, Should I Get a Quest?


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Hi, I haven't posted on the stroller board before, so let me introduce myself. My name is Tina and I have a 3 yr old dd. We have had countless strollers (I am a bit crazy in this area;) ) and our last one that I though would be the last one was a Peg perego Pliko P3. I love a lot of things about it- like the canopy (The BEST coverage), the child tray, the wide, roomy seat and tall back (important for a big 3 y.o.) But the rear wheels are driving me crazy- they are always "bending" inwards a bit and need lubrication and constant attention. My daughter is 35 lbs and 38 inches tall. Supposedly, the Pliko P3 goes to 45 lbs. but, I have heard that after about 30-35 lbs. it is common that it becomes very hard to steer. I have to agree. It is also HUGE (huger than the older models)

So, I decided I will get a Quest because it is rated to 55lbs. (I called to double check) and it is supposedly easier to steer with a larger child even though I can't understand that with those tiny wheels!

Am I making a good choice? We use the stroller only on sidewalks and the mall, zoo, etc. No major treks or anything now that she is 3 and prefers to walk when possible. I am done having children and just want something that won't be a PITA to push around when we do need it. I know it has a "useless" sun canopy as some reviewers put it, but my dd will wear a hat and sunglasses- she is great about that!

I do NOT want a jogging stroller of any type, I debated about it for a long time, but it's not very good for travel as it will take up a lot of room in the car.

Any Quest owners out there??? Thank you!


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I have a Lulu Quest. I've also owned a Techno XT, Techno Classic, Triumph, a few Volos (and currently I have two Volos) as well as some older Macs and a couple of Twin Travellers. Although I didn't have the best of luck with the TTs because of my height and that nasty third (centre) wheel; I've loved the rest of the bunch. I eventually gave up the Techno XT because I no longer needed a full-feature, full-recline stroller.

For a three year old, the Quest is a good option--it covers everything but off-road and, possibly, airplane travel. I would probably even travel with a Quest if I didn't have my Volos, since the weight difference is only about 4lbs. The Triumph seat is a bit narrow--making it less than ideal if you want a stroller to last from age 3-5+.

I would definitely say that the Quest and the Volo tie for #1 for an older child when buying a pavement/mall stroller. My ONLY complaint is the lack of cupholders (the Maclaren organizer only really works for 1/2 empty drinks or bottled drinks, otherwise it spills all over as you walk!)

A lot of people think Peg is "the" stroller to have. I find them to be heavy and plasticky. I'm not surprised you're finding that it isn't lasting through the years and that it's not as ideal as it once was. You definitely will NOT regret your Mac purchase, however--not even a few years from now. When your DD is no longer riding, you'll even get a good chunk of your money back if you re-sell it.



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Thank you for your reply. Unless I hear differently, I'll probably order one!! My husband likes to make jokes about my different strollers based on their country of origin- just like some people do with cars....He definitely hasn't liked the Italian ones! (Although I am part Italian myself!) Hope he likes this one!;)


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I'm sure you will love it. The tiny wheels - I was skeptical at first, but the tiny wheels make it able to turn on a dime. The first time we took that out my husband was whizzing around the parking lot making sharp turns :) It steers great compared to the p3. I have a p3 and I am more emotionally attached to it than anything. I like it for babies but then I'd want the quest when they start sitting up.


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Well, I ordered the Quest on Friday and got it on Saturday! (it was the next state over-Fedex, real fast) and despite the torrential rain, we tested it out at Lowe's and the mall. I LOVE IT! It steers and handles like a dream compared to the Pliko P3, and even though it lacks the tray and the decent canopy, I don't care, LOL! My daughter is old enough to need it only for occasional use and I think it is perfect for us. It folds up SO small, and weighs next to nothing. So, I guess as long as it keeps handling well, it's a keeper. I got it in the pink fleur-it's really pretty. I guess I'm going to have my husband clean and lubricate the pliko wheels and I'll detail it and get it ready for ebay. Thanks to both of you!


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Enjoy! I have a Lulu Quest like Nicole and although we've only used it a couple of times I love it. I have been using my P3 for the 2 older kids because of the foot step for my 6 yr old while the Lulu waits for the new baby ;-) I agree the steering stinks in comparison on the P3.


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yoshiandluke said:
I guess I'm going to have my husband clean and lubricate the pliko wheels and I'll detail it and get it ready for ebay. Thanks to both of you!

What year is yours? What pattern? How much do you want for it? I may be interested.


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Hi "Kayz Kids",
Believe it or not, it's a 2006 (purchased this January) It is the "Anice" Blue and if I can get around to taking a decent picture tomorrow, I'll post one. I think I paid about $229 on sale, so I think I would like $150 plus shipping...It is in very nice "like new" condition. I was planning on selling it on Ebay, but let me know if you are interested. I'm glad my husband forgives me for this one weakness!


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Sorry, I did sell it on ebay for $189 :D I was very happy about that! I know everyone raves about them (the peg Perego's) but the stroller just was a beast to steer. The maclaren quest I got to replace it is like a racy little sportscar and I love it so much better! (plus- it's PINK!!!):p

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