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I'm a nanny, and Mom and Dad are currently looking at what seats they will buy once we turn Avery back FF'ing. I've convinced them to keep her RF until she is atleast 2yrs old, providing she does not gain 3lbs before then. Since she is so heavy already at 18mos old, I told them to not buy anything until I looked into it, since she will need a seat with a high weight limit to get to 5 or 6 harnessed. Below are the ones I was thinking. Is 80lbs overkill or appropriate? Does anyone have any different suggestions? They will be buying 3 of the same seat, but price isn't a factor.

Radian 80 (FF)
Britax Frontier
Britax Regent (if able to still find and with a new enough DOM)
Graco Nautilus


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The Radian 65 is also a possibility, even chunky kids aren't going to outgrow it by weight before height unless they are severely obese.

And I think any of those choices is good :). I *personally* would go for the Radian XT, the Frontier, or the Nautilus. A little one forward facing usually appreciates the nice head wings to avoid the dreaded 'head slump' when napping :p


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Good for you for encouraging erf :thumbsup: As for a ff seat, I think the frontier would be a good fit for her since it offers more room all around. The Regent is also very nice for a bigger child. Is there anyway you can try her out in these seats before you buy?


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Is there anyway you can try her out in these seats before you buy?
I live in a large city, so I could probably try out most any seat before they buy anything. We have Babies R Us, USA Baby, WalMart, Target, Baby Depot, basically everything. WalMart has the Nautilus and USA Baby has the Regent and Radian. Not sure where to try out a Frontier?


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I am also thinking the True Fit might be a good choice. She can get used to it rear-facing (and that last 3 lbs. COULD take a long time) and then use it FF. It goes to 65 lbs. and if she outgrew it you could decide at that time whether a combo seat or booster was more appropriate. And, it's cheaper than the Radian (even the 65.)


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The Radian has 18" top slots, but you are allowed to go over them as long as tops of child's ears are not over the top of the shell, and child is under the weight limit. The Radian is the only seat with this rule.

I don't know exact numbers, but the Nautilus and Frontier are higher than the Radians. They are essentially identical to each other (which one is higher depends on the person measuring, the vehicle, and the individual child).

The Regent is 20".


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Nautilus 18.5"
Frontier 18.25"
True Fit 17"
Safeguard might be another option? It has 19" top harness slots and a 65lb rating. But it doesn't turn into a booster like the GN and Frontier.


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While I do LOVE our Regent (and getting a good DOM shouldn't be a problem-ours is 01/?/09) but I think it would be a bit big for a 18 month old. K is 39 months old and he has plenty of extra space. It would be a good seat though if they didn't want to buy anything until she is in a booster though. I would definitely test it first.


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I'll take a trip to Babies R Us and USABaby next week and see how she fits in them all. Since I don't imagine those last 3lbs will happen before age 2, I want them to fit her well now, since she should be about the same size with only 3lbs added.

Thanks for you rhelp ladies! I'll probably be back with pictures and asking for your opinions!


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What is she RFing in currently? I assume that will be passed down to the new baby when baby outgrows the SnugRide. If that's true (and will get baby to FFing age at least before it expires), you don't really need a seat that can RF.

The Radian and TrueFit are convertibles, which means they can RF or FF (harnessed). The Regent is a FFing only, harnessed seat. The Nautilus and Frontier are combination seats, meaning they FF only, harnessed, and then convert to boosters. The Frontier converts to a high-back booster. The Nautilus converts to a high-back, and to a backless booster.


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I vote Frontier or Nautilus :)

I also think Sunshine Kids is measuring with a rubber stretchy ruler to get 18 inches on their top slot (the Frontier is 18 inches, and routinely fits kids a year longer than the Radian, heightwise, the Nautilus is 18.5 and somehow still doesn't fit some kids as long as the Frontier, but that's kind of a mystery...they are both definitely taller than the Radian :))

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