Do you get paid??


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I was wondering if you can get paid as a tech? I'm getting to be very obsessed and am very tempted to get certified for fun.... my husband doesn't understand how I can think that would be fun ;)

We're at a position that extra income would be nice and would probably help me convince him to let me do it. Either way I just keep soaking up as much info as I can :D


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Nope. Someone bought me lunch once.... And I'm still due a banana bread. When people ask to pay me I ask them to donate to SafeKids. All happy. :)



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I do!!!

But not much, and I wind up donating/giving away an insane amount of seats, so it kinda evens out.

I get "tips" from some customers... occasionally $5-10, but more often, weird random stuff like once I got a folding tunnel thing for my kids, and once I got a bag full of clothes someone was taking to the thrift store, i've got like 6 crashed/expired seats (for training), 3 SR's that were in great condition... Someone gave me $45 once, that was nice. But I never expect anything.

Probably my fav thing... once I was asked to throw a dirty Britax cover away. Yes, I'll admit it, I washed it, it came clean, so I sold it. LOL


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Nope, never got paid. But I do spent hundreds a year on car seats that we give out! I guess that is money going the wrong direction...

When I sell a seat on Craigslist I make learing how to install it a requirement and won't sell to someone ffing under 2 or 30. I did have one mom give me an extra $20 but DH and I spent several hours with her and helped with 6 seats in 2 vehicles.


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Yes, I do get paid but I am a lucky one. I get paid from my work not the families. Our service to the families is free. I work for a major hospital here locally and we run a Safe Kids chapter so we have a permenant fittings station on the hospital campus we run 3 times a month and then do area events. I get paid for all of it. I am an injury prevention specialist/clinical educator so my job description isn't just car seats only. I work on all other preventable injuries (water, bike, pedisterian, motor vehicle, in home, etc...) but I also do clinical education too (CPR, child birth, new parent classes, training nurses, etc...).


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I get paid in cookies. When we do seat checks here the host provides food - usually sandwitches and cookies, Im a vegetarian so usually I cant eat anything but the cookies...yummm!

Other than that I dont get paid - I do have some stickers, a badge and a shirt now from safekids. :)


Paid positions are few and far between.

This is all too true. I don't do private checks (except for friends/family once in a while) but I do participate in seat check events about once a month. Lunch is usually provided, and sometimes we get a free shirt. That's as much as I ever get paid.

However, I would encourage you to look into it anyway. It's very gratifying volunteer work! (And I would bet that most volunteers don't love their "jobs" the way that we do! :p)
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I'm not doing this for pay, but I do appreciate the pizza/food/water that is typically provided at check events. Knowing every seat we check can make a difference is a great reward. :D


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I get a $100 stipend from safekids for each seat check event I work. But it's not like there are seat check events every weekend. Once a month maybe? Once every two months? No set schedule. I didn't know about the stipends until after I signed up for the class. I don't do this for money. Never charge for a private check either. Never will. Just the fact that a parent is letting me help them get their seats in correctly is pay enough. If they want to give money to someone they can donate it to safekids. Someday perhaps someone will be an an accident and their child will walk away injury free because of their properly installed seat. That will be the big payoff!


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I don't get paid and I do it "just for fun"!

I do usually get free food at a seat check and a mileage check (with a $50.00 cap - and I usually drive over 70 miles one way) and free shirts/visors/etc.

It's all totally worth it!


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I do get paid. However it is part of my job (firefighter). I do go in after hours so it's not part of my daily wages, it's extra. The only techs around here are firefighters and they do all get paid.

I am paid for my hours by my employer though, not the actual family. Checks are free obviously. If they donate money it goes into our seat check fund to buy extra seats and supplies.

I do appreciate the food at public checks though :) And when we do safekids checks around here we get a $30.00 Kohl's Gift card everytime because they sponsor it


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As Jen_nah mentioned, the only time I've been paid was through my job: I worked @ a women's clinic where I taught childbirth education which included carseat safety (insurance paid as office visit).

When families themselves offer to pay, I refuse. The families fill out a donation form so the $ goes directly to SafeKids.


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Thanks for responding! I would never even think to charge the families. But I also figured having a paid job doing it wouldn't be likely either. I could hope ;) LOL

I tend to do a lot of volunteer things that have money going in the wrong direction so my husband doesn't get too encouraging when I find a new hobby.

Do you know if there's a way to get a scholarship for the class??


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Do you know if there's a way to get a scholarship for the class??

I did for mine - the 2 local Safe Kids chapters split my National fee that goes to SK) and the local coordinator waive my local fee since I am "un-employed".


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Interesting that you asked this. I want to get certified so badly but don't have the time to take off from work to do so. The classes just are at tough times for me. I want to do this for fun and to keep kids safe as well!

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