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    Blankets for in the Car

    I'd love to get each of my kids a blanket for using in their carseat when we travel. The only big kid-sized blankets I see are made of polyester fleece. I realize they are probably treated with a flame retardant, but I worry about polyester being very flammable and a flame retardant wearing...
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    Cleaning Vomit out of Size4Me70

    This is gross, so I'll apologize ahead of time. My kiddo threw up milk in his Size4Me70 today. I stripped it down completely and washed the cover in the machine. I rinsed the buckle as described in the manual. I washed all the belts with a damp (soapless) cloth as described in the manual...
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    Child Putting Head Under Headwings

    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've been here, but I'm having a little issue with my 1.5 year old (she's RF) in her Size 4 Me 70. When she gets angry about being in the seat, she tips her head to the side (as if she's going to lay it on her shoulder) and puts it UNDER the headwing of...
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    Is this a piece off a LATCH?

    I was uninstalling my Size4Me70 when I found this under it. It's black plastic, about an inch long, and the print reads "R 3". I don't think it's off the seat, because the seat is grey. Could it be a piece of the LATCH adjuster? It was on the same side of the seat as the adjuster. I'm...
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    Question My Ride Infant Insert Issues

    I posted about this before, about 2 months ago, but it's just getting worse, so.... My 6 month old DD is now TALLER than the insert on our My Ride (it's the one-piece insert where there's no detachable head portion). So, you would think I could just take it out right? Nope, she's also super...
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    Question My Ride Infant Insert/Head Slump

    DD is 5.5 months and roughly 27" tall, mostly torso. She's now so far above the 2nd slots that I have to place the straps on her shoulders and hold them there before buckling the chest clip, otherwise she pops out of them (this is with the harness already buckled and tightened). So this...
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    TFP and Crotch Strap Issue

    DS is RF in a TFP and just this week has started complaining that the crotch strap hurts him. It has the pad on it, and it's still in front of him (not under him) on the innermost setting. The outer setting looks too far from him. Ideas? I'm about ready to throw this seat out the window...
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    Need a Seat... or Two, help please!

    DS is 2y2m old, and about 36.5 inches tall, 28 lbs. Currently in a TFP. DD turned 4 months old today and is about 25 inches, 15 lbs. Currently in a Keyfit 30. Both kids are ALL torso. My plan was to get DS the Foonf (even though it's a lot of money for us) and pass down the TFP to DD...
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    Worst Car Seat Misuse Ever?

    I took my kiddos out for a walk yesterday and happened to look up as a car was passing, going about 35 mph on a major street. It was a guy driving a convertible Mustang with the top down, and in the backseat was a girl about the size of a 7 yr. old, and she was FF in a convertible carseat. The...
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    TFP Over-rotating in Ody

    DS is almost 2 years old and is RF in a TFP, which is in the passenger side captain's chair of our 2007 Odyssey. Just this week I noticed his seat had fallen back to about a 45 degree angle, when it's usually about 38 degrees. So I reinstalled it (using latch) and within a day it had fallen...
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    Complete Air vs. Foonf

    DS is turning 2 next month. He's about 30 pounds and roughly 35 inches tall. He's currently in a TFP, which is a great seat, but I want to RF him as far past the age of 3 as I can, and I think he'll be 35 pounds well before that. I'm willing to pay the big bucks for a Foonf, but would a CA...
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    BJCMD Won't Fold?

    We just assembled our new City Mini Double 2011 yesterday and we already love it! However, today, when we attempted to fold it for the first time, it wouldn't budge. We unsnapped all 4 safety snaps and pulled up on the handles, but it didn't move at all. Finally, my DH pulled one handle at a...
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    Does This Stroller Exist?

    I'm wanting a lightweight stroller (can carry 1 handed for short distances), under $200, for outdoor use (sidewalks and occasional rough pavement, and long distances). We have a Chicco Trevi, and there's not much I like about it. I can't carry it 1 handed at all. We also have a Peg Perego Si...
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    Baby Frame Carrier for Hiking

    DS is 7.5 months, about 20 pounds, and super-tall (haven't measured him lately, but 95th percentile for height at last measure). So, we want a frame carrier so that either DH or I could carry him when we go hiking. We don't do very rough terrain, but the trails can get a little steep. I'm...
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    Cargo and Safety in Minivans

    I searched the forum and found a few threads, but nothing conclusive. We have an Odyssey and we generally keep the 3rd row up. I have ratcheting straps and a "Bednet" for tying down larger cargo when the 3rd row is stowed. What do you do for smaller items like grocery bags though? I know...

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