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I posted about this before, about 2 months ago, but it's just getting worse, so....

My 6 month old DD is now TALLER than the insert on our My Ride (it's the one-piece insert where there's no detachable head portion). So, you would think I could just take it out right?

Nope, she's also super skinny, and when I tried removing the insert today, she had about 2.5 inches between her and the crotch strap, which seems like way too much space to fill with a rolled up burp cloth. It would take like 3 of them. Even with the insert in she's over an inch away from it.

She's got major head flop issues right now, and I was hoping taking out the insert would fix that. Her head was flopped for about 15 minutes yesterday, and when she woke up, her head was really shaky and she was crying. :(

Also, the straps with the insert in are WAY below her shoulders, to the point where they slip off without the chest clip.


Should I just leave the insert in AND use a rolled up burp cloth, maybe getting rid of the head slump?

Is it safe to have the insert in when the baby is taller than it?


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The insert is only supposed to be used in the bottom (or bottom 2, depending on the insert) slots. She should be using the slots that are below, but closest to her shoulders. It sounds like its time to remove the insert. Is her head slumping to the side or chin to chest? Is it properly reclined? The gap at the crotch buckle I wouldn't really worry about.


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She's on the 2nd slots (the top insert slots) and they are WAY below her shoulders. If I take it out, the 2nd slots are perfect, just slightly below her shoulders - BUT, then she slumps so far down be causes of the crotch buckle gap that it scrunches her into a ball and the are suddenly above her shoulders.

Her head is falling both to the side and down, so her face rests on the chest clip.

ETA: It's reclined as far as it will go with the ball still in the green zone.


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Maybe it's just a bad child & car seat fit? :( Can you post pics?

When DD had the Symphony e3 (about 15-19 months of age), she was still a good inch from the crotch strap (but WAY too big for the infant insert), but she didn't slump too much for some strange reason... so I never did anything about it. Harness stayed nice and tight, no head slump issues. :shrug-shoulders: I guess I could have put a rolled washcloth, but like I said, it never was a big problem.


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Maybe it's just a bad child & car seat fit? :( Can you post pics?

Ugh. That's what I'm afraid of. I'll take her to the car when I get a chance and take some pics. I guess we could switch her to her brother's old TFP for a while, but I hate the way the harness fits skinny babies.



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Here is my 20m old dd in a fluffy cloth diaper. No problems here :) she will just slouch a little after a bit and then the harness looks a little looser but it's not.
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I wrote to Graco and asked if it's okay to keep using the insert/2nd slots even though she is above the 3rd slots with it in. I measured today and the 2nd slots are about 3 inches below her shoulders, and the top of her head is 1 inch above the top of the insert.

I think I'm just going to keep the insert in for now, and try putting a folded washcloth between her and the crotch strap - unless they write back and tell me otherwise.

lovemybabies - Looks like she's got about the same space with the insert in, about an inch. If her head wasn't flopping when she slouched, I wouldn't worry about it. Just curious - how far below her shoulders are the 2nd slots? Is she taller than the insert itself? Thanks for the pic.

Thanks everyone.


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Graco got back to me, and told me I need to remove the insert and put the straps in the proper slot for her height. They didn't address the fact that there is such a large gap at the crotch buckle that she slouches down into a ball. Guess I'll remove it and hope one rolled washcloth at the crotch strap will help.


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If a washcloth doesn't work and there's a huge gap, maybe a rolled dishtowel folded in half would help.

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