Need a Seat... or Two, help please!


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DS is 2y2m old, and about 36.5 inches tall, 28 lbs. Currently in a TFP.

DD turned 4 months old today and is about 25 inches, 15 lbs. Currently in a Keyfit 30.

Both kids are ALL torso.

My plan was to get DS the Foonf (even though it's a lot of money for us) and pass down the TFP to DD. I'm seriously rethinking this because: (1) we're not rich, (2) I'd like DD in a convertible before the Foonf comes out, because she's already screaming about not being able to sit up more and the big reason is (3) my DH doesn't like the harness adjuster on the TFP and can't seem to get it tight enough.

My "carseat rules" are: I hate Radians :p , and whatever I get, it needs to be easy to tighten the harness, because DH often thinks the TFP harness is tight enough and just stops.

My current thoughts are leaning towards a Peg Convertible for DS, and a MyRide for DD. My mother has offered to buy DD a new seat, IF it's from the Kohls website. So nixing the Radian leaves MyRide or Complete Air (which I don't think she'd fit in yet) for her.

So...WWYD? One seat and hand down the TFP? Scrap the TFP and do two seats? Buy one now and one later? Which seats?



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I agree the MyRide for your DD would be a good choice. We have one and I like it and found the harness adjusted easily.

If the TFP is still working for your DS, I probably would just leave it for now and see if you end up needing something taller (is your son still rear facing?). If your DH isn't tightening the harness enough...then maybe consider another seat.

My husband also hates our TFP.


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Thanks. Yes, DS will hopefully RF as far past 3 as we can get him. DH doesn't always get the slack out of the straps, which is really the only concern I have about the TFP.


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For the tfp, is it feasible to leave the straps correctly tightened? I don't adjust mine every time, or even daily. I remember reading that since it has a continuous harness, some people pull one side, put arm through, then pull the other side to take out the slack and give enough room for the second arm to go through. Just a thought if that would allow it to be used correctly. You may already do that though...


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We tried leaving the straps tightened all the time and it seemed to cause even more frustration. Thanks for the idea though.


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I like the MR also. You could buy 1 for your DD, and try your son in it. If you think he could get another yr refacing in it, you could get him a MR also. My just turned 2yr old will make it RFing until well past 3 in his I think. Target puts them on sale often. Then, if you don't like it as a FF seat. Sell It or use as a back up.

I would only do this if your DH continues to have issues with his currant seat. Otherwise I would eek another yr out of it and then look whats out for a FF seat.

Although a yr+ is a long time if your DH hates the seat.



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Took my kids to BRU to try out some seats...

EFTA: Loved all the padding, hated having to "dial" the harness. Not the seat for us.

My Ride: Disappointed that the bottom of the seat was pretty hard, harness was apparently stuck, it wouldn't budge an inch, so I couldn't get a feel for how it works. Seat is still in the running though.

CA 65: Surprised to find that this seat fits my tall, skinny kids the best of all the seats. DS loved it. DD is still too short for it. Hate the mandatory 45 degree angle (checked and they didn't have dual lines yet), somewhat bothered by the lack of padding and 40 inch rule. I don't want to have to make a "parental decision". Somehow it's still in the running though.

Britax: Love the padding. This was just for fun, since Britaxes don't fit kids built like giraffes.

Peg Perego: Disappointed that they had none.

This was pretty helpful because it made me realize that the only thing I don't like about our TFP is the width - DS is so slim-shouldered that he often leans to one side and I feel the harness is too wide for his shoulders.

So, I found out that I'm super picky and would ultimately like a seat that's got a lot of foam/padding like our TFP or Britax, is tall/skinny like a CA 65, has a harness like a CA 65, but none of the dumb rules of a CA 65.

Sigh. This is hard. :thumbsdown:


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I'm anxious to see the full review of the new Graco. Does it meet your requirements on paper?

I've considered the Graco Size 4 Me 70, but it does have a 40 inch height limit, and I could only find it in black, which in a hot climate, I try to avoid.

We ended up taking her to Target and trying some seats there. They had an older version of the My Ride (without the "safety surround" head pillow) and I LOVED it! There was a huge difference between how she fit in it, and the newer My Ride. The harness was nice and smooth, and her head didn't get pushed forward. So, I ordered one for her online and should get it today. For now, DS will stay in his seat and we'll reevaluate when the Foonf comes out, or he's closer to 35 lbs.


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