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    Pic of a newborn in an Evenflo Sure Ride?

    Does anyone have a photo I can share with a Mom on a private page on Facebook? :)
  2. keri1292

    Have we seen this new Chicco fabric? <3

    I'm in love!
  3. keri1292

    Back pain in RXT?

    Has anyone else had trouble with the Diono RXT and back pain in a RFing toddler? We had a 4 hour trip and the 3½yo was crying in pain. He's had bruising there before, but this is the first time that I realized that it may be from the RXT. Red strap is tucked away. I'm a little baffled. I...
  4. keri1292

    Desperately Seeking Imaginext Jessie from Toy Story

    So this is what Mitchell is going to ask Santa for. It's no longer made and prices on ebay are ridiculous. He will not be swayed. Hoping someone has a gently used one that their kiddo has outgrown. :) We need Bullseye too, but Jessie is the one he's asking for. :)
  5. keri1292

    Looking for a convertible for a Honda Fit...BIG BABY!

    My nephew is 24lbs and not yet 5 months old. My sister drives a Honda Fit, not sure on the year, but she's had it awhile. If the models have changed much I can get the exact year later. The bub is BIG, the car is small. What fits and has any chance of getting the bub to a safe FFing age...
  6. keri1292

    Any interest in classic Britax Marathon covers?

    I have Zebra, Arctic Cat, Cowmoo, Blue Fido, and Platinum. We are down to one MA and trying to reduce. Any interest? If so, I'll grab pics. :)
  7. keri1292

    ISO a 20% off Crazy 8 code

    I saw that they are in Parents magazine. If you aren't using yours, I really could. :) Thanks a bunch!
  8. keri1292

    Minecraft: The Official Annual 2014 Hardcover Book (Pre-Order) $3.45!

    I know we have lots of Minecraft loving kids here. My kids will love this book! Minecraft: The Official Annual 2014: 9788536416052: Books
  9. keri1292

    Thumbs up for Southwest re:extended rear-facing

    Mitchell turns three next month and not one flight attendant gave him a second glance rear-facing on their flight. One flight attendant helped me carry the beast off the plane dubbing it "the heaviest car seat in the WORLD!" She also helped me install it. She was awesome. In fact, everything...
  10. keri1292

    American Girl dolls for $60 with accesories!!! Great deal on Cecile and Marie-Grace!
  11. keri1292

    Planetbox x2

    BOTH sets are SOLD! Thanks! These were only used about a dozen times last year. Includes big and little dippers as well! The blue carry bags are in excellent condition with a tiny spot in the corner of each inner. The bottoms have a few shadowy stains. Would possibly come out in the wash...
  12. keri1292

    Kids Outerwear! Girls 10-12 and Toddler boy! Fleece, vests, down jackets, Marinacs, etc!

    ADDED MORE 9/5! Just starting to go through the closets and get rid of the outgrown or unloved outerwear! Lots more (Marinac jackets, Hanna Andersson Best Ever Jacket, and more!) to come. I'm getting ready for a consignment sale so please disregard the state of my house. I sure do! :p Hanna...
  13. keri1292

    Can a 15lb 2-month really have outgrown the harness in a Flex Loc?

    Trying to help via FB and these are the photos she shared of the empty seat. Bbay is cloth diapered and it's a very tight squeeze to get him in there. No coat worn, just a showercap cover. Asked her if she lengthened the crotch strap, waiting for response. DO you see something or is this...
  14. keri1292

    50% off Robeez + free shipping!

    Code is C53M92B41 Love the booties for winter.
  15. keri1292

    Girls Burton ski coat and pants

    PENDING! SIZE 10/12 Maiya wore this a few times and it's in like new condition. No knee wear. Super cute set! I'll take pictures of the set sans kid at naptime today. Just wanted to see if there was any interest. :) I'm thinking $60 shipped. MORE PICS: Cuffs are pristine. No dirt...

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