Sunshine Kids Monterey

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Here's my first review. I borrowed Heather's format.;)

Sunshine Kids Monterey
Who should use this seat?

The Monterey is recommended for children who are 38-63” and weigh between 30-120 lbs.

Assembly and Installation

The seat back and bottom snap together much like the Turbo booster does. The back lays flat on the floor and you slide the back and bottom together, then lift the back into the upright position.

The Monterey has flexible LATCH anchors to attach the seat to the vehicle. There is a front adjuster to tighten and loosen LATCH. It does not require LATCH to use the seat.


My 6 year old daughter had approximately 2 inches left in the Parkway, but in the Monterey she has a good 4-5 inches in the torso. The seat depth is far better than the Parkway, she no longer looks like she is sliding out of the seat. The ramped seat pan also helps keep her in the seat.

The torso of the Monterey is adjustable to make it wider for stockier children. My daughter is still pretty slender and at this point still has it on the narrowest setting. When widened, it miniaturized her. It will last a long time.

This booster has more torso protection than others that I have seen. The entire torso is protected with EPS foam and seat.

Cover and Instruction Manual

The cover on my seat is pink and is very plush. It reminds me of the inside of a new sweatshirt, without the pills, but that soft. My daughter is in heaven. The cover has to be handwashed and involves a process to remove it.

The instruction manual to me is minimal. I would rather more pictures and a bigger font. All of the diagrams and sketches are in the first few pages and you have to flip back and forth when the text refers to a diagram.

The Not-So-Good

The LATCH straps are quite short. Deeply imbedded LATCH anchors would not be a good match. I am also not fond of the Turbo-style back/bottom connection. I have not transported this seat from vehicle to vehicle, but I imagine it would be similar to the turbo in that it would separate from time to time.
I also am not fond of the manual lay out either. The Radians have the manual attached but this seat has it clipped on the bottom like the lower end seats do and I can see losing it.
I also don’t like that the warranty card requires you to fill out all the information. There is no sticker with model and manufacture date.

The Final Word

Love it. It’s comfortable, supportive, big enough to last, and it become a backless booster later. I haven’t tried it as a backless because I don’t need to yet.


installs with LATCH
30-120 lbs.
ample growing room, both up and out
Deep cup holders

short LATCH straps
LATCH release is a bit tricky
manual isn’t all that thorough

Here are a few pictures of my dd. 6 years, 60 lbs, 49 inches 19 inch torso.


As it fits now..


Growing room


seat depth


Thank you for posting a review on this seat! I really want to get one, but I'm trying to wait as long as possible. I'm afraid if J sees it too soon, he won't want to be in his harness anymore!


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Great review.

I'm still trying to figure out how she lost so much room when it was put in the car, though, as Jeffrey didn't loose a bit.

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Here are the pictures of her on the couch. I don't know how she lost all the height either, but she did.
On the couch, all the way up

In the car all the way up


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My DD also lost a notch or 2 of height when we moved from living room floor to the car.... Actually, I was sad no one was willing to take a picture of me when I tested it -- I'm 100# 5'4" (sorry, no idea what my torso is :rolleyes:) & in the highest position, the shoulder belt guides were just resting on the top of my shoulders: kiddo will be in this for quite a while :cool:


It looks like maybe the seatbelt in the car is causing her to sit up straighter and/or further back into the seat and that is why there is less room? Looks like she still has plenty of time in it though. :thumbsup:

That's great that you fit in the seat too! I actually tried the Regent for myself out of curiousity, but my torso is too long (about 24 inches) and I couldn't loosen the harness enough to fit it around me. I am short/petite, but with a long torso.
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that's what I think... Jeffrey lost almost no space... Damian lost enough that he is only 1" from his shoulders getting to a position that, in my van, makes the belt twisty (when the shoulder gets over the bottom part of the guide)

Since Damian fits the seatbelt so well, I'm glad I didn't buy him one... but... if he didn't... an inch of room is better than the none he had.

So it's still the tallest one out there.

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I don't know. Here is a pic of dd in the PW and Mont. I know they've been on several threads, but she does have a few more inches in it, plus, it turns into a backless later.




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We've had a Monterey for a few months & I love it. I feel like it hugs our almost 7 year old & feel he has great SIP.

My only complaint is the LATCH part - the type of clips can be very tricky to unclip when moving to other vehicles & at times difficult to get clipped. Due to a combo of the short straps & the type of clip provided.

If you don't have to move it between vehicles much though, I wouldn't have another negative to say about it. I'd buy one again in a heartbeat. :)

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