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I have been thinking a lot lately about cloth diapering my DD who is 10 months old. We are moving into our own place soon so I can do laundry whenever I want. I work part time and have a sitter watch the kids near where I work. She might have to wear disposables there. What would you recommend for a busy mom that is on the good a lot.


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It's so hard to say because CDing is very much a preference thing... and what works on your kid/s! Totaly trial and error for us. We've tried everything under ths un.
I, personally, am a big pocket diaper fan and 99% of our stash is Fuzzi Bunz with hemp and microfiber inserts. I just double up or size up on hemp for night time.

They are very user friendly and if they're pre-stuffed for the sitter, it's just a matter of taking one off and putting another on, kwim? AIO would be similar process-wise. We prefer that we can customize the pocket dipe inserts.


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You should check out cloth diaper nation its pretty awesome and the women there are SO friendly Im ~Natural Mama~ on there and Id be glad to help too

Oh and yes, to a point its defiitely preference, but there are outright bad diapers and good diapers and Ive seen a lot of newbies order them and wonder why they hate cloth diapering so much! Most commercial and well known WAHM diapers arent bad although some still work better than others but its tempting to buy cheap or ebay dipes and that can get you in trouble lol


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I love pocket diapers. Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Baby Kangas, etc. You can make them as absorbant as you need at the time. :) They're easy to use. Don't take much effort at all. And a lot of them are one size ..and will fit your kid from now until potty time.

I started cloth diapering because I got sick of seeing the beady gel stuff on my little girl's privates. Chemicals in such a sensitive area. :(
I LOVE how cute cloth diapers are!!!!

Check out for reviews on all kinds of diapers.
Also, ,, and are all great sites to shop around on. Fantastic customer service too. :)


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You should check out cloth diaper nation its pretty awesome and the women there are SO friendly Im ~Natural Mama~ on there and Id be glad to help too

I second signing up at Cloth Diaper Nation. I just found it and it's so much nicer than Diaperswappers! People actually respond instead of ignoring your questions! I'm lostinak over there. :D

Personally I'm all about fitteds and wool covers and a few PUL covers for when I want to put him in normal pants. I hate pockets and very much dislike AIOs. Stuffing pockets is way mote of a PIA for me than doing fitteds and covers. That could be partially because I loathe touching microfiber, which all of my inserts were. AIOs just take too darn long to dry. I have a couple of AI2s that I like ok.


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There are a lot of AIOs that have an external soaker that dont take long to dry, and I only have one brand with an internal that do..the rest dry in one dryer cycle on low...but it definitely depends on brands. Im avoiding getting into it becuase the OP would be here reading a novel haha if you do want a play by play OP you could pm me if you arent finding what you need online I just dont want to bombard you if you dont want it lol


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I second (third?) And for the love of cheetos, do NOT go to diaperswappers.

Anyway, some of my favorite diapers were Thirsties fitteds and covers and also Green Acre Designs pockets. DS is a sloooow grower so we had a lot of the same diapers for a long time and those were the two brands that held up really well. Believe it or not though, I also loved my prefolds and they actually held up the longest out of all my diapers (we had the same PFs for almost 2 years and they are SO cheap). They're not really convenient for outings, but they're awesome for around the house. I would just throw a prefold on DS with a Snappi and skip the cover. That way, it would be breathable and I could tell right away when he wet and could change him immediately.


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I love all of the information. I will look at cloth diaper nation. I am looking for easy ways to cut costs when we buy a house but I really know nothing about cloth diapering.

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