Help w/ Forester 3 across - 1 FF + 2 boosters


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Sorry in advance for the length...

DW was watching the nieces a few months ago and allegedly fit 2 boosters in my Forester next to the Nautilus. I was extremely, extremely skeptical. Turns out I was right to be skeptical - there's no way she did that safely. The two boostered kids she was transporting both had turbos. I took advantage of the Target sale and picked up 1 high back turbo + 1 backless affix (they were out of backless turbos, plus the color was nice) + 1 harmony youth booster. I picked up the harmony because it looked like it would be easy to buckle next to the other seats but it's way too wide. It's going back. I tried the GN outboard and the boosters center + outboard - nope. I also tried the GN in the center and the boosters outboard. Better, but still no. Is there any combo of boosters that might work with the GN? I'm thinking maybe a bubble bum for the center position?

On the plus side, now that I've had my seatbelt recall taken care of, the turbo buckles a lot easier. Plus put mine on the higher arm rest setting (yes the screws are in! :) )

I'm also thinking of maybe selling the GN to get something more narrow if that would be a better option. Maestro? Radian? Radian is a little too much money right now, but if I found a good sale I could swing it. CA? I don't have RF-ing needs right now, but it would be nice just in case. I also don't mind springing for a convertible that might work better than a combo seat.

I also thought about another harnessed seat instead of one of the boosters, but I'm not sure I could convince the parents of the 6 year olds to let me harness them. I realize I could refuse to take them, but it makes for a sour environment between DW and her family when that happens. They're appropriate size and age for boosters, plus they sit well in them, so I don't feel the need to rock the boat if I don't have to.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

ETA: My Forester is a 2011.


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I think you could probably do Maestro/Radian/CA, Bubblebum, Turbo/Dreamtime/AMP fairly easily... the only thing to watch is how the belt positions over the kiddo in the BB. The center seatbelt geometry is kind of weird.


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Sigh. Is there another booster that might work as a 3rd with a maestro/turbo combo as the other two seats? One of the kiddo's parents doesn't think the bubble bum is safe. There's no convincing her, I tried.

I'm probably going to get the maestro rather than a CA or radian to replace the GN.


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I very, very highly doubt it.

I think you might be able to get a 3 across with Radian, Radian, booster, but beyond that... I honestly don't think anything besides a Radian or Bubblebum will fit and/or install in that narrow center seat in a 3 across. And add to fitting it next to a Maestro and a Turbo... I think you're SOL.

Have you linked her to the Bubblebum article by the Car Seat Lady? It gives a nice comparison between the BB and that sketchy other inflatable booster. I'll scrounge up the link...

ETA- here it is Directed toward why the other one is bad, but it has a lot of info on why the BB is good.

ETA2- you may also try an AMP or 2 in the mix. They seem to fit in places Turbos can't.


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Thanks, I'll try sending them that link!

I'll give the amp a shot, too. Someone I know has one I can borrow to try before I buy one.

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