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Apex installs very easily on airplane seats in which the armrest can be lifted up out of the way (walking through the aisle by holding the side of the seat against my chest) & it was easy to carry through 2 layovers....


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I recently purchased and installed my second Apex, and I am really happy with them both.

Backstory is that I had planned to have our first Apex in Grandma's car, and the FPSVD in our main car. Well, it was not a good fit. He'd be too tall and too wide for it by the end of the summer, longest, and since I was happy with the first one, I went to and got another (which arrived in two days!).

I love how deep the SIP wings are. Even if there is no EPS, the wings on the Apex are more SI protection than the FPSV (and better for napping btw). And since it is a seat MEANT for older kids (vs a seat for babies that can be used as the child is older) the torso cavity is nice and roomy.

Also: the red and black combo fabric is synthetic, and slippery. The blue and black (Lancer) combo is a woven, cotton-like fabric that I am happy will be more comfortable for DS in the summer. Drawback is that it is not as easy to keep clean nor does it hide juice drops particularly well. Oh well, it goes with the pretzel crumbs!


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We have two of these, one purchased July 2006, the other in February 2007 of this year. One goes in a Sienna captain's seat, one in a 4Runner. Overall, I had been happy with them. (I have a 3.5 year old who's 45" tall and 41lbs). About two-three weeks ago, the piece of plastic that surrounds the harness release lever popped off on the newer one, exposing fabric which looks like it's starting to fray. About one-two week after that, the same piece popped off of the older CR. There's no way to pop it back in because there appears to be a ridge that runs around the plastic where the fabric should fit into. Dorel said they would replace the seats w/proof of destruction or refund my money w/POD and receipts. One other thing that has bothered me about the seat--the buckle is very tight, even at the furthest slot out.


I had this seat and honestly i HATED it! I didn't like how the buckle was very close (even on the furthest slot) to my daughters body and would pinch her when i would buckle her in. She is 37 lbs and there is NO WAY that it would last until she was 65lbs. So i returned the seat. I went with the Britax Regent, its more money but WAY better of a seat. It belted perfectly in my car. It doesn't have the puzzle buckles.


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Cosco Apex--a great "big kid's" seat for a bargain price

We are very happy with our Apex 65. DS has been using it for about 1 month now, and I'm a happy camper. He is 5 yrs old and 42 pounds. It is basically the biggest seat out there, behind the Regent, so he has room to grow. --But for almost 1/3 the Regent price--frankly, incredible. For older children, this seat is awesome, and doesn't feel or look like a "baby seat."

I knew before buying it that we would need a replacement (longer) crotch strap from Dorel, so I was pleasantly surprised when I called them and it was free, and arrived in less than 2 weeks (even though they told me it was backordered.) They didn't even charge me for shipping. The new crotch strap makes the seat awesome.

Yes, the straps are a tad bit twisty, but I don't find them OVERLY twisty. It hasn't been a problem.

My DS can COMPLETELY buckle AND unbuckle himself in the seat--which I want him to be able to do, so we worked on it. It took him a week to learn how. The new buckle made it even easier.

Even without EPS SIP foam (which is VERY hard to find in any seat) you must remember that ANY 5 pt restraint is going to provide a lot of SIP.

Easy seatbelt install in the bench of my Odyssey using the headrest behind the seat. We aren't using the LATCH, since he is over 40#. The top tether really makes it rock solid.

I have NO problems getting the headrest on the Apex to lock in place. And there IS another set of harness slots under the headrest, when it is at the lowest setting.

I got the one with the dark brown ultrasuede cover from BRU, and it's not looking dirty, even though he spills all over it regularly.

If you're looking for a "bigger kid" seat that is budget-friendly, this is it.

Also, considering all the recent hoopla surrounding the Regent (recline bar, advisory, crash tests, etc.) the Apex just seems like a wonderful alternative to shelling out nearly $300 for a 5 pt restraint.

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