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We are getting pretty close to replacing DH's car, and I'd like some input on different models.

Any suggestions for small sedans (DH is a commuter) that have good crash ratings, headrests in the backseat, and are known for being carseat friendly? Even though we have four kids, we'd only install two seats. And we're not interested in buying a second vehicle large enough for the whole family. We generally buy Hondas and Toyotas and will buy a vehicle anywhere from 2-6 years old and drive it into the ground.

We're thinking Accord, Camry, Corolla, but I haven't looked at them to see if they even work. Any other suggestions? We don't have a firm budget.



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I'm confused, if you have 4 kids how are you only installing 2 car seats?

Are you looking for a sedan since you already have a family vehicle that can fit all 6 of you?

What seats do you currently have to work with?

How about a toyota prius if it is a commuter car, or some other hybrid.


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I have a Sienna, so we already have a family vehicle and don't want to have two large cars.

When I say DH is a commuter, I mean he drives about 10 minutes to a bus station and then takes a bus in to work. A hybrid vehicle probably isn't worth it financially. He only drives around 8k miles a year, if that.


I like the Dodge Charger. I actually rented one on a vacation. I loved how roomy it was! I'd never been in one before and never would have considered it if I hadn't needed a rental, but I highly recommend considering it. It's spacious and the car seats went in easily.


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Any of the Honda/Toyota ones are fine if you like those brands. Oftentimes, you can get a deal on a Camry/Accord that makes it the price of a Corolla/Civic.

Malibu is fine too. Ford's midsize is good too, but it's kinda smaller than the others so I don't really recommend it. The Charger is about to be replaced. The current one's chassis (the skeleton of a car) is an antique. The 300/Charger and Ford Escape are basically cars from the mid-late 90s with a modern skin on it. Buying one is sorta like buying a 10-15 yr old car with a pretty face lift. However, even tho the Chrysler is old, at least it's an old Mercedes. The Escape's just an old Ford.
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My husband's 2001 Camry has 110K miles on it and is still going strong. He has a 30 minute commute each way and it's a solid commuter car. It is a pre-LATCH model year and the only seat we've had in it is our daughter's Keyfit, so I don't know how good it would be for multiple car seats.

I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox and when I had it at the dealership for maintenance, the sales guy who sold us the Equinox convinced me to take a 2011 Chevy Malibu for a spin. I put DD's Keyfit in and away we went! It handled beautifully and was a comfortable ride. Installing the KF with LATCH was a snap (but it's always a snap with the KF :D ). I'd seriously consider a Malibu for DH's next car.

(We have both GM and Ford supplier discounts through my employer, and a Ford discount through DH's employer so while the Equinox is my first American make we will likely go for a GM or Ford vehicle for DH next time unless we can get a steal on a Toyota or Honda. The supplier discount is a great deal and allows us to factory order exactly what we want in terms of trim level, options, etc.)

However, if it's only going to be your husband's car to drive to the bus station, even a compact would do - my thought is, why spend a lot if he's not driving a lot and it's not the family vehicle? Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze, Ford Fiesta, VW Jetta, etc.


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Thanks for all of the ideas!

We do want to buy him a somewhat nice car. He has only ever had compacts, and he really would like something a little more grown up, if that makes any sense.


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Totally understand the "grown up" thing, we had a similar situation with my hubby last year! He ended up getting a 2010 Accord. 2 seats install beautifully! 3 is a nightmare we are learning!! We've had big and little seats, FF and RF in it. The only one we had a bit of trouble with was the RF Radian, just trying to get the right recline and keep it from messing with airbag sensors.


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My DH says his next commuter car (when he needs to replace his Civic) is going to be a Fit. They are surprisingly roomy for the size and carseats fit well. We've also been very happy with our Civic. An Accord would be a nice step up if he's looking for something more grown up. I also really like the look of the new Honda hybrid Insight but as you mentioned a hybrid may not be that economical for a short commute.

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