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Just wondering if anyone has any clothes/nursery items from the Carters John Lennon Collection. I am DETERMINED to have these things for my future children. I have a lot of the nursery things, but may be missing some. These items are gradually disappearing from e-bay and CL so I am hoping to stock up before they are impossible to find.


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I'm pretty sure I have a bumper pad and crib skirt. It was the set I had with my almost 12 yo. She has the comforter and there is no way she'd let it to. But I'm ready for the rest to go. Let me know if you're interested. :)


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Awww, I loved the gender-neutral outfits. I had some for DD and then bought 1 or 2 pieces from someone here (I think) for DS, because both times we had no idea what we were having. I loved those lines.


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Yeah. I am mainly interested in clothes, but am open to any of it in case I missed something in the nursery set. I have the lamp, a nice blanket, a crib skirt, bumper, a sheet, mobile, and I think a quilt in the pastel set. In the other, brighter, set I have a quilt and bumper.

I know there was the pastel set and then a set which was, for lack of a better word, sunset colors. Were there more sets?


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I have this onesie and an overall set-but not sure where the overall set is. This was brand new-never worn


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I know there was the pastel set and then a set which was, for lack of a better word, sunset colors. Were there more sets?

I had one outfit that was, blue, yellow. The only character I remember was the giraffe. I don't have it anymore though...sorry!!


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Where are you located? I have a beautiful John Lennon bassinet that I might be willing to sell (depending on shipping logistics) after a friend is through with it. She's due late this summer, so it wouldn't be available for a while.

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I thought there were 3 bedding sets. I will think about it.

Music Parade
Real Love

Real Love is pastels- I want to say this is Imagine as well. I know the mobile played it. I had the whole Real Love set, but after losing our first baby I sold the whole nursery set. I even had 2 bouncers.
Music Parade is the more sunset colors

If you know someone in the UK I believe some of the stuff is still made and sold over there. I'll have to look but I believe I may have a pair or two of the shoes. And I THINK I may still have one of the large elephant or rhino stuffed animals.


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I'm in Canada but I have some of the nursery stuff in the pastel set....I'll try to find the pictures....I have the comforter & sheet - possibly the mobile too


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Just popping in to say I am swamped with finals and will get back to all of you once they are done. Sorry about the delay, things have just gotten crazy!


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I think I might have a onesie from that collection... somewhere in the outgrown-clothes bin. It was white with green trim and had little animals on it, I think, and phrases from some beetles song on it... does that sound like something you're thinking of?


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I bought my nephew a partial set, I'll go raid my in laws and see what I can find. I'll keep an eye out while thrift shipping as well.

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I have a bunch of items left over from a huge nursery set. Some have already been sold on ebay, but there's plenty left. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll check.

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BTW...I can relate with finals week. I have a math final on Wednesday, and I graduate this Friday. My degree is riding on this final.

Good Luck!!

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