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Thread: Emergency info

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    Emergency info

    This is semi car seat related and I figured someone here may have an idea on the best way to do this.

    I work as a nanny, I have 5 kids total spread over 3 families. My carseats are shared in my car depending on who I have that day.

    I'm planning to make up emergency ID cards for the kids because if by chance something happened while I was driving and I was unable to communicate I need their parents to be contacted.

    I have my boyfriend and bff in my phone as emergency contacts and can provide the this info as well.

    My thought was to make up cards with a photo, month /year of birth, name, parents names and numbers and any allergies.

    I was thinking I could place something on the side on the car seats indicating this info is in the car.

    I'm torn between keeping these cards in my glove box, back pocket of passenger seat or?

    I presume attaching something (like a sticker) to the side of the seat not impacting the belt/latch path is ok to do?

    Any thoughts on best placement?

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    Re: Emergency info

    Assuming you mean a sticker or something on the seat? They aren't likely to look for it. You could put a sticker on the side safely as long as it doesn't cover other stickers. Just be aware it being seen is a long shot.

    The only places that are routinely checked for emergency info are the driver's wallet and the glove compartment (and that may not happen until well after.) IDs for children should probably go both places to hedge your bets.

    If children have allergies or other medical conditions that could affect their care or health, you should make sure they wear a medical ID bracelet (or anklet for babies, or necklace for older kids- tags on shoes are ok but more likely to be separated from the child.) That's the only way to truly ensure that information will be immediately available in case of emergency and the only place first responders are trained to check. It also ensures that information is available should the children be removed by bystanders before first responders can arrive, if the car is completely destroyed, etc.
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    Re: Emergency info

    Thank you. I don't always carry my purse /wallet but my ID is in my phone (wallet case) I'll put something in there that states the info is in the glove box.

    2 kids have nut allergies, none of them have allergies to meds so I'll note it but don't think it's a huge deal when in comes to medical care.

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