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Thread: Chains needed?

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    Chains needed?

    We just bought a brand new 2004 Toyota Sienna with the safety features VSC and TRAC. We are heading up to Bend OR from Northern California for Christmas. I expect to drive on long stretches on highway that may be packed snow/ice/dirt. I feel with these additional saftey features we should be O.K. unless it's dumping snow or I feel the car slide at all. My wife is more incline to put on chains from the get go. Also I have many driving hours experience in the snow and ice! The question is when I should put on our chains?

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    CPSDarren - Admin SafeDad's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    Some areas require you to use chains or snow tires. If you plan to be driving in these areas, I would pick up a set of chains just in case. If your Sienna is AWD and you have a set of dedicated snow tires, you should be fine without them.

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    CPS Technician bazanna's Avatar
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    I head over to Bend a couple times a year. I always carry chains with me because sometimes there are pull-over points where you are required to pull over and put them on or you are forced to turn around by the state police. So....if I were you, I'd carry them with me and not get them out until told to or when I felt like I couldn't continue to travel safety without them. Usually by the time the police are telling me to put them on, I'm thinking the same thing anyway.

    Edited to add: If you have studded tires, they don't require you to use chains.
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    YES I am a certified CPS Technician...Internet advice is never the same as having someone actually look at your seats, your kids, and your car. Have your seats CHECKED by a Technician.



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