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    Question Replacement seat for Clek Foonf

    Hi everyone! My daughter is 4. She has been rear facing in a Clek Foonf. Unfortunately, I was rear ended two days ago and will need to purchase a replacement seat for her. I planned to turn her forward once the weather improved and so this seems the ideal time to investigate alternatives. Can...
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    '08 Mazda 3 - need seat suggestions

    DH just purchased an '08 Mazda 3 and we currently own an '05 CR-V DDs stats are: S - 3.5 years old, 40 lbs... currently FF in a TF C - 2.5 years old, 27 lbs... currently RF in a TF Seats we own: 1 - Boulevard 1 - Avenue 1 - Radian XTSL 2 - TFs Please advise me on which seats to use where. TIA!
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    Question which car seat to choose?

    My 8 month old is 17 lbs and 29in long. The AAP has just come out with new guidelines that state children should sit refacing until 2 years of age. He has outgrown his current infant seat. Can you recommend a rear facing car seat for him to transition into? Thank you.
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    Referral Code for

    PM me!
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    Petal or Flora?

    I can't decide which XTSL to order. We drive a Gold CRV with tan leather interior. This seat will be for DD1 who has never owned a girly seat. She was brought home in a brown Orbit, moved onto an Onyx BLVD, and now rides in a Misty Morning TF. DD2 will still be in a Misty Morning TF if that...
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    Cargo net?

    We drive an '05 CRV and have both girls RF in TFs. We almost always travel with our P&T Vibe (double stroller) in the back. What can I use to secure it in the event of a crash? TIA!
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    DD1 in her Orbit

    ...because I miss the thing so darn much! She's about 5 months old in this pic. :)
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    I have to ship my BLVD back to Britax...

    for a replacement but I no longer have the box and I'm not having any luck finding one that will work. Any suggestions?
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    At her 2yr well-child visit...

    DD weighed in at 30 lbs. She was undressed and hadn't eaten in a few hours. She's currently in a TF and a BLVD (we returned the CA due to the financial constraints we had at the time) and now I feel like her RF days are numbered. I figure that with fall/winter clothing, shoes or boots, and a...
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    Attached to a car seat?!

    I had to return my Complete Airs. :( DH and I had decided to buy the CAs after our accident. Well, DH is is still out of work and has two bulging discs in his neck as a result of the accident. He does has disability insurance.. but we estimate it will take 2 months to receive a check from that...
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    Safety 1st Complete Air McKenna Pics

    DD1's stats: 22mths, 25ish lbs, 34" tall, 12.5" torso height, 19 1/4" seated height She was a bit wiggly for both the measurements and the pics..:rolleyes: head room (all you can see of her head are her curly puffs) leg room head room 2nd slots install pic install of 2nd seat My...
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    Too many seats??

    We were in an accident last Sunday and when I called Learning Curve to ask if our True Fits needed to be replaced, I was told they were ok to use.:thumbsdown: SO DH and I discussed the situation and decided to err on the side of caution and discontinue their use. I drove to my parents' and...
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    So I called Learning Curve...

    and the CS Rep spoke with his technician who said our TFs do no need to be replaced. He asked if the air bags deployed (they did not), if either of the side doors were damaged (they were not), and what the damage to the car was (the bumper is dented). He, then informed me that the seats did not...
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    Smooth Harness Adjuster?

    We were in an accident yesterday and so need to replace our DDs' TFs. DD1 is 22 mths old, 27ish lbs, and sadly i do not know her height. She is on the 2nd slots in the TF. DD2 is 10 mths old 18ish lbs, and on the 1st set of slots on the TF. They are both RF and will be until they've reached the...
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    We were rear ended yesterday...

    with both of our DDs in the car. :( We were on a highway entrance ramp. I heard a big CRASH behind me, looked in the rear view mirror and saw a CR-V coming at us. I had no room to merge into the highway and so had nowhere to go.:( The CR-V had been rear ended and in turn rear ended us. The girls...

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