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    Tethor anchor installation is tomorrow...????s

    I am getting two tethers installed in my 1999 Chrysler T & C van tomorrow at the Chrysler dealership. We have two kids who need FF tethers:

    My 5 year old in a Regent in driver's side captain's seat (FWIW...I tried to get the Regent installed in rear bench but the rear middle lap belt installation was way loose and Gen3 seatbelt (UGH) buckle was jammed up too close by the Regent AND rear passenger side lap/shoulder belt was too short for long-belt and way loose for short-belt) and, in the near future, AND my now 29 pounder who is currently RF in passenger side captain's seat.

    My question is: will the installers give me any options as to where to place anchors? Or is it in the "instruction booklet" that comes with the part that tells them where to install? Maybe my question will be clearer if I explain that my concern is my 8 year old who sits in her Parway in the back benchseat passenger side (no shoulder belt in middle of bench)-- will the tether end up obstucting her feet? Will the tether be between her legs (sort of under the bench) or can they install the anchors close to under the captain's sest? Make sense?? Any other tips from those who have had to have tethor anchors installed? Thank you!!


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    There are going to be specific areas on the vehicle where the anchors can be placed, and they will use those only. The areas are apparently reinforced already for an anchor to be installed.
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    The only part of where they go that you get to decide is which seats you would like them behind. When I had mine installed, I had to ask for center, driver outboard or passenger outboard. THere are factory installed spots for the tether anchors to attach to in those spots. No choice on that. HTH

    By the way, if you can afford it, I highly recommend getting as many installed as you possibly can. THen you are not limited to just using the 2 spots you have tethers and you don't have to go back at a later date to have more installed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dillipop View Post
    By the way, if you can afford it, I highly recommend getting as many installed as you possibly can. THen you are not limited to just using the 2 spots you have tethers and you don't have to go back at a later date to have more installed.
    Ditto. D/C will install them for free, so get them everywhere they're available (assuming they have enough parts on hand) That way you'll have maximum flexibility. If they don't have enough for everywhere, be sure to specify where they should go. I didn't and I got two outboard when I wanted center so I had to bring it back.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure the anchors for the 2nd row will be on the floor behind the seat, which may get in the way. Let's hope my memory is failing me and I'm wrong!

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    You should give the Regent another try in the rear row. I could get mine in my 96 Grand Voyager but there were a few tricks. First I would be sure the seat slid all the way back. (It slid to make more or less cargo room.) Next, recline the seat quite a bit while installing the seat. That should give you enough room with the seat belt. Finally, you can put the seat back up and slide the seat forward if you want. It would not move a bit after that!

    I agree with the other posters--get tether anchors in all spots. It makes it so much easier when switching seats around, trying new seats, and taking other kids with.




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