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    Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    hi! I am wondering what the difference is (apart from height and weight) between the SnugRide and the SafeSeat?

    Which would you recommend?


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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?


    The two main differences between the two of them (besides the height/weight limits) are:

    -The base of the Safeseat is just much nicer than the base of the Snugride. The Safeseat base has vehicle belt built in lock offs so you never have to to use a locking clip and there is a twist knob adjustable foot that is great for adjusting to the right angle. The Snugride base seems flimsy in comparison as the adjustable foot is manual and lots of people report that it will not stay in place so towels and pool noodles must be used to adjust angle and also no built in lock-off. The Safeseat base just seems easier and fast to install for most all people.

    -Secondly, all models of the Safeseat come standard with front adjuster. Only the mid-higher end models of the Snugride have front adjust, the rest have rear-adjust. Rear-adjusting harnesses are not unsafe just more difficult to use correctly everytime. Usually they are too loose. By the time you pay $100-130 for a higher end snugride, you might as well have bought the base model of the Safeseat for the same price and got the extra weight and height limits.

    As for which I recommend, it really depends on your needs. If you have a convertable seat to pass down to the baby, then a snugride might make more sense economically.If you need something really light, then the snugride would probably be better. If ease-of-use is key, I would say Safeseat. Also if you need the most bang for your buck, then the Safeseat could really work for you, as it lasts some smaller babies till 2 years and most to at least a year old.

    The Snugride is really a tried and true seat, even with the base and if you had to get rear-adjust, it would still be perfectly safe as long as you read the manual, follow the directions, and make sure the harness is right every time.
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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    I have had both. My DD used the snugride 4 years ago and my DS is using the SS1 now. I the SS1 way more. I'm so happy that my DS still fits in it at 11 months old and still has lots of growing room.( Maybe another year.) I still occasionally keep him in the seat when I'm running a quick errand and don't want to unbuckle him or if he falls asleep, that is a nice option to just take him asleep in his seat and put the seat in a stroller or grocery cart. The covers are nice and easliy removed and washed. The base is very easy to install and the lock off is great. The canopy is nice also beacuae it can be moved to add more sun protection. HTH

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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    I have had my daughter in a safe seat for the past 9 months and I (and she) LOVE it! I debated it vs a snugride, and am so glad I went with the safeseat. The seat itself weights only 1lb more, but its much roomier and will last you so much longer (weight & height) wise. The base is a BREEZE to install. I have a 2003 Chevy cavalier, and I get a rock solid install EVERY time - I have switched it into different cars a few times and it always installs well. The strap adjustment is right in the front which is VERY convenient!!! I wouldn't want a seat without that front strap adjustment!!! When my little girl was a newborn I remember thinking that the seat seemed so big for her, but she grew into it quickly, and now I'm glad its so roomy!

    The snugride is a good seat also, I just wanted to give you my experience with the safe seat - best of luck with your decision!

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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    My first child had a Snugride and now my second babe is in a SafeSeat. I love love love the SS1 so much more! So easy to install, so easy to adjust. Plus I had to replace the Snugride with a convertible after 5 months, and this time my babe is bigger and is almost 6 months old and still has plenty of growing room. The SS1 is so worth it! Yes, it's a bit heavier, but it's such a nice seat I don't care! The baby is so heavy now I don't think I would like to carry him in ANY seat, at this point. Usually I just lock the seat into the stroller.

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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    Having experienced both seats, I personally feel the SS1 is the easier seat. If I were to buy one today for my own use I'd get the SS1 over the Snug Ride, but the SR is a fine seat.
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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    I've never used a SS1, just the snug ride - I've had 3 different models. 1 older that I didn't care for, and 2 newer, one was around $89.00 that was front adjust and the current one that we have was around $130.00 is also front adjust and boast "graco-pedic foam".
    I like it just fine and it has a higher weight and height limit, but I don't remember what. DS still fit in it at 14 mos but I didn't like using it since it didn't sit very upright for him. We switched to his convertable at around 10 mos anyway since he was too heavy to get the use of the carrier.
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    Re: Graco Safeseat or SnugRide?

    I got a lower-end SnugRide for DS and he outgrew it by torso height at 5 months. He would have outgrown SS1 at maybe 9 or 10 months by torso height which would have been just as annoying. By the time he was 5 months he was really too heavy to be carried around in an infant seat anyway.

    I didn't mind the rear-adjust because we always put him in the seat while he was still in the house and I'd make any adjustments before leaving.

    If you are NOT 6' tall with a 6'3" me...and you realistically expect your child to be able to fit in the SS1 for a longer time, by all means invest in it.
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