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    Radian Owners I have a few ?'s

    I bought a Marathon new on line and the seat belt locking clip on one side was destroyed. So I sent it back and the guy refunded me the $$$. He was out of seats and didn’t know when he would be getting any more in.

    So I was wondering if the Radian owners liked their car seats. My daughter is 16 months 23 lbs and 30" tall. I did install the marathon in my car and it fit great. I really loved it, but with the broken piece I was not keeping it.

    We are traveling with her next month and I need a seat. I can take with on the plane.

    I guess I just wanted to know if it was smaller then the Marathon when installed RF and how you all liked the covers and the feel. I know they have the EPS foam but do they have the comfort foam like Britax. I am worried my DD wont be a comfortable. She is RF in a Roundabout now but it is an older one and it only goes to 30" and she is 30" tall now.

    How are they with day to day in and out? Are they easy to use? I have herd problems with the FF instillation I dont have latch so I am hoping it wont be a problem.

    I am sorry but I am so confused and pissed that my Marathon was broken.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Not a radian owner, but with her size I would go back with the marathon. She wont need the extra inch or so in harness height, and since she is already in a britax and you know you can install it well, Id play it safe.

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    Radian info

    My wife and I have a Radian. Our son is 6 months old approximately 21 1/2 lbs and 27 inches long. He is rearfacing and we use the latch. This seat is FAA approved. I dont have any opinions as far as FF goes. With the latch, install was essentially pain free, I did not try it with the seat belt. I do have it tethered. MY wife and I are very pleased with this seat. We have only had the seat approximately 10 days but are currently on vacation travelling 1600+ miles round trip and its working great so far. Our kiddo seems to enjoy his new seat, is able to fall asleep easily. At this point I would definitely by another. I got ours at for $179 with free shipping. Good Luck in your search. When we were looking for a seat it was down to the MA or the Radian. Decided on the radian largely on price as it was $80 cheaper, and that the narrow profile would work better in our car. Dont regret it one bit.


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    Evan is 14mos, 21# and maybe 30", he has no problems in the seat. It will be AJ's when he hits 35# and has to be ffing. The only problem I've had is ffing w/ the seatbelt. I keep meaning to ry it again w/ the locking clip, but I haven't yet. lol
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    I don't own this seat nor have I taken the 2+ hour drive to check it out in person, but based on what I've seen about it, it is narrower than a Marathon & since it can fold up for travel it seems like it would be a good choice for you ... or, you could get order another Marathon & order the GogoKidz cart that allows kiddo to ride through the airport
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