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    Britax Canadian Roundabout Infant/Child Restraint System: Labels

    Model and Model Number Affected: Britax Roundabout – E9L16

    Dates of Manufacture: September 19, 2007 to October 15, 2007, inclusive

    Number of Units: 349


    As a result of an internal audit, Britax Child Safety, Inc. (“Britax”) has found that restraint systems manufactured during this time period fail to comply with the labelling requirements of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Restraint Systems and Booster Cushions Safety Regulations.

    The affected units were produced with a standalone French label and a bilingual (English/French) label. Together, the two labels do not provide all information and warnings in English as required by the regulations. This label non-compliance condition is the result of certain label design changes that were being implemented.

    Safety Risk:

    All information and warnings required on the two Roundabout labels are also contained in the bilingual (English/French) instruction manual, which is attached to the restraint system. The label non-compliance condition does not affect the use of the restraint system.

    Company Action and Consumer Recourse:

    Britax will provide a free label replacement kit and detailed instructions to all registered owners beginning December 18, 2007. After December 18, 2007, consumers that have an affected Roundabout and have not registered their restraint system should contact Britax at 1-800-683-2045. To verify product registration and order a repair kit online, visit

    Until the non-compliant labels are replaced, the restraint system can continue to be used in accordance with the instructions found in the manual. The affected restraint systems should not be returned to the Britax retailer.
    Transport Canada: 1-800-333-0371
    Release Date: December 14, 2007
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    Re: Britax Canadian Roundabout Infant/Child Restraint System: Labels

    You'd think they'd accidentally leave something out in the translated version, not the English one!


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