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    3 RF Seats in a 2015 Odyssey?

    Hi, I am curious how many people have done this since I've never seen one out in the wild. I have a just-turned 3 year old, 17 month old, and am due with our third this winter. We plan on keeping the kids RF as long as possible and although they are tall, they fit within the limits of their seats so I expect it'll be at least another year or two.

    We have two outboard Clicktight Advocates and we are planning on a Clek Fllo in the center, but frankly I'm dreading it because I still need to check the 3 year old to make sure she's properly secured. The plan is to have her in the center seat since I'll need to fiddle with her seat the least, but it still looks like a hassle.

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried a different combination where they put one seat in the last row and how well that worked. I'd love to do that but my husband is a bigger guy and may struggle to head back there too often (assuming we remove one of the outboard seats), plus we have a large double stroller and a large dog that live in the cargo area so I'd hate to lose all that space.

    Can anyone tell me their combos and how they make three rear facing seats work in their Odys?

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    Re: 3 RF Seats in a 2015 Odyssey?

    I don't have an Odyssey, nor do I have three rear facing children, but I would do the two younger ones side-by-side in the middle row, remove the third seat (probably driver's side?), and put the oldest RF in the back. She should be able to buckle herself at 3.5 years old and if you don't loosen the harness to get her out, you won't need to tighten it when she gets in. Your husband can probably reach in to unbuckle her through the trunk if necessary.

    How often do you have the dog with you? Maybe it will end up that you will just have to leave the dog and stroller at home for grocery shopping and whatnot.
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    Re: 3 RF Seats in a 2015 Odyssey?

    I've done 2 RF side by side, not 3 in my Odyssey. I feel like the key to making this work is car seats with easier access. It's probably fine to keep one Advocate outboard, but the Fllo is so high profile. It's going to be hard to buckle at all, and especially hard over an Advocate.

    I wouldn't get a Fllo for this situation at all. I think I'd get at least one Graco Slimfit for the center, and either a second Slimfit or a Graco Milestone for outboard.

    Neither of my children who have hit 3.5 have been able to buckle themselves at that age. I wouldn't rely on that.

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