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    Need help on carseat for 1 year old(turns 1 in July 2016)

    My son will be 1 in July and he hates his current carseat(Graco Conttender 65). He screams, cries and tries arching whenever we put him in it until we get to destination or he falls asleep. His legs also hyperextend the whole time until sleeping because his legs get stiff and wont bend to fit rear facing. He is a big boy and is about 31" or so and weighs 23lbs. He has 29 degrees scoliosis curve, mixed/fluctuating muscle tone, lack of coordination, hypermobile joints, and muscle weakness and tightness.

    What carseat would be best for him?
    Can he be forward facing or would it even be recommended at his age since the new suggested age is 2 and given his muscle weakness?

    Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Need help on carseat for 1 year old(turns 1 in July 2016)

    Hello and welcome!

    My daughter just turned 1 year old yesterday so our kids are very close in age. As far as I know, there are no medical conditions for which it would be better to be forward-facing than rear-facing, so I would keep him rear-facing unless a special needs tech tells you otherwise.

    I would recommend that you look for a solution to his legroom issue if the issue seems to be that he has a low tolerance for the confined space of his rear-facing seat. One idea would be to look at the new Extend2Fit car seats, which have an extension panel that allows up to 5" of extra legroom. This seat also can be installed quite upright, if the recline of his current seat is what is causing him some discomfort.

    Another idea would be to look at the Graco Milestone or Diono seats as they have much lower sides than the Contender. Many children benefit from a seat that has low sides so that they can more easily cross their legs or dangle them over the sides.

    I don't have experience with the conditions you mentioned, but I hope that those suggestions might get you started!

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