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    New convertible for tall toddler

    I asked this on the FB group, but I prefer the answers here when it comes to making a final decision!
    DD just turned 2, and has hit 36 1/4". She's no more than an inch away from outgrowing our peg convertible by height, and with the way she's growing lately, that could be an issue in the next couple of months. (She was 32 1/2" in August!)
    I was really hoping to keep her RF until age 3 if not longer. What is our best option? She's been hovering around 28lbs for 6+ months already, so I'm not too concerned about weight limits.
    The seats I've been looking at are the Graco Dimensions/Contender, or the Boulevard/Advocate CT.
    Are there any other suggestions? Which is the tallest??

    The peg is currently in my 03 civic, so compact would be nice although not necessary. We have a Pacifica with AA in our truck right now and I can always switch it over if the "right" seat is bigger.

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    Re: New convertible for tall toddler

    I think you have quite a few options actually.

    The Dimensions is tall and easy to use. It fits very nicely in an 03 Civic Here it is in full newborn recline. I don't think I saved a pic of it upright before I sold that car last summer though. The MyRide is in the background for comparison fully upright, and the Dimensions takes up way less space than it.

    The Pacifica also works with AA but less comfortably than the Dimensions as far as front seat space goes. Might be different if you use the centre, I find that car has lots of room with a centre install.

    I've never put a ClickTight seat in there for comparison, nor used one personally. Major complaints are the short crotch buckle plus limited leg room.

    If you wanted to swap seats you could always go for a budget option and get the Evenflo Titan 65 ($130 reg price at Walmart) with a 40" height limit, and put the Pacifica in the car.
    Jen ~ Canadian CPST-IT with CPSAC

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