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    European convertible in Mazda 3

    Hi, I've recently moved to Germany and I'm looking for a convertible seat for my 20 lb 7 month old to go in my 2010 Mazda 3 sedan (US spec). I'd like to keep him RF at least until 2 years and I also have my 4 year old in a Britax Frontier. Thank you!

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    Re: European convertible in Mazda 3

    You are going to want to look at Swedish spec seats. They are going to give you the RF time that you want as many EU brands are not known for big rear facing weight limits. is a good place to start. I think the owner of this shop is a member of this forum. AdventureDad I am thinking..

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    Re: European convertible in Mazda 3

    Mazda 3 isn't that large so Klippan Triofix/Triofix Recline would be your best choice. The seat is approved 9-36 kg and can be used rear facing to 18 kg or about age five. After rear facing the seat can be used FF for quite a few more years.

    The seat is the most compact rear facing seat around and fits well in pretty much any car small to large. It's installed with Isofix or seat belt with ultra fast installation.

    Seats such as Britax Multi Tech and Britax Two-Way will also fit but need 5-10 cm more space depth wise. They offer rear facing to age six or about 125 cm but are not great choices for your car since it will be more cramped in the front seat.

    If we look at pure rear facing seats then Britax Hi-Way, Britax Max-Way and Axkid Minikid would be good choices for belt installation. These will last to 4-5 years rear facing and have passed the ultra strict Plus Test to 55 lbs.

    Kiss 2 will also work well in your car and is like Triofix installed with Isofix or seat belt and will last to around age four or 18 kg.
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    I have a Mazda 3 sedan and have had a Two Way elite in it no problems at all, the Brio (not sure if you can still get these) fits well as well. I have also had a Multi Tech in it but that did take up a bit more room.
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