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    Booster for 10 year old

    If a ten year old 5-steps, would you still use a booster or just go with vehicle seat?

    My sad is in a harmony nb booster in dh's car in between two radians. We have had this three across for years, but all of a sudden it is becoming a problem. Dh's and sad say there is not much room and it is hard to buckle. I think this is a problem now because sad is bigger so there is less room to maneuver around. It worked better when. Sd was outboard and the two other seats were both rear facing next to each other. Now that one is ff and one is rf, we had to put sd in the middle bc there was too much fighting between the two younger kids. They can kick each other when facing opposite directions.

    I had both seats in with latch but when dh and sad started complaining, I switched to seatbelt install to give more room. They are still complaining. Plus, I drove dh's car the other day and was so upset. the rf radian was not buckled. So sd unbuckled it when trying to unbuckle her seat. I ammad that dh didn't notice. So I can't trust dh to notice these this, so I don't feel safe with the seat with a seatbelt install anymore. Well, I guess I could twist the stalk or out a tp roll over it.

    I really would like to put the my ride in dh's car and take one of the radians for the van. Avery is about to outgrow the cco and I don't want to buy a new seat. In April Oliver is going to be in a booster and we will pass down his radian to Avery. In the meantime, I could use the myride, but I much prefer the radian,

    I don't even know if Sd 5 steps. I looked at her the other day, but in can't tell. The shoulder belt looks fine. Her legs bend over the seat. The sides of the lap belt are over her hips. But the middle of it is not on her thighs. It is up on her belly some. But even if she does 5 step, is that safe for a 10 year old or should she stay in booster longer?

    Oliver (5 years) ff Radian RXT, Claudia (3 1/2 years) rf Radian RXT, Avery (2 years months) rf Coccoro, Vivian (3-14) rf Coccoro, Madeline (9) Literider,

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    Re: Booster for 10 year old

    If they pass the 5 - step test I don't see a reason to continue booster use unless there is a significant comfort difference for the child.
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