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    Question cosco vs. safety first

    I have a carseat someone gave me ( not expired) and i looked all over for the brand. I dont k ow if its cosco or safety first. I am trying to purchase a stroller and although cosco and safety first lòk the same i just want to make sure it fits into a stroller i am trying to purchase. I googled the model number but it doesnt show up. There are two similar model numbers off by one number one was cosco the other was safety first and they look exactly the same

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    Re: cosco vs. safety first

    Hello and welcome!

    A used car seat that has been gifted from someone else can be a great way to save money IF the car seat is safe! But the first thing to do is to check for its safety by using the following used car seat checklist. Basically, unless you know 100% that (1) the seat has never been in a vehicle while the vehicle was in any sort of crash, (2) the seat is not expired, and (3) any recalls on the seat have been fixed, then you should NOT use the seat. The checklist will take you through a series of questions to make sure that there are no issues!

    The car seat should have a sticker somewhere that has the brand name, model name/number, and expiration date. (If it does not, then you have no way of checking the seat for recalls, and therefore should not use the seat.) From that, you can figure out what strollers are compatible. Cosco and Safety 1st are both made by Dorel, and so it is possible that some Cosco car seats are compatible with some Safety 1st strollers and vice versa. But you'll want to find check the model name of the particular car seat and stroller to be sure.
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    Re: cosco vs. safety first

    I just want to add that if you plan to use the seat, please read the manual to be sure that it is assembled correctly. I have seen so many people at my job lately that are using used seats for the newborns that are not put together correctly or are missing pieces.
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