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    What info would you give?

    The girls just started pre-school this week and all the children are 3 yrs old (Jan 2004-Nov 2004). I haven't had a chance to see all the seats yet but I did see one booster today. I want to make a sheet or pamplet up that I can just stick on the table so parents can just grab one or get the teacher to put it in the children's cubbies. There is another class that is 4 yr olds so I would want to include info for them also.
    Right now I am thinking of including:
    --provincial laws
    --federal laws
    --safest practices
    --common mistakes (like top 5-8)

    What else do you think?

    mommy to K, 5 years, 41.5 lbs, 44 inches, harnessed in a Britax Frontier CT

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    Re: What info would you give?

    Not sure if I would include the laws I would include the min. requirements that the seats have to be able to use them. (IE. FF seats is 1yr and 20lbs (most seats), boosters 4 years (every booster i've seen has said this, you might want to check the parkway though) and 40lbs etc.)

    I know someone just posted the other day about emailing for a copy to the phamplet they had made. Now I just have to find it

    ETA: It was Skipspin
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