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    Britax Frontier 90 Review: Features and Installation Videos

    [ame=""] Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat, Zebra: Baby[/ame]

    Today I was able to help Darren with a preliminary review of the Britax Frontier 90.

    Basic info:
    Forward Facing to Booster combination seat.
    Harness: 2 years old and 25lbs to 90lbs
    Booster: 40 - 120lbs
    Top Harness height estimate 20.5"
    Top Booster Guide estimate 23"
    EZ Buckle, keeps crotch strap from falling backward behind child while loading
    Dual cup and accessory holders
    Traditional style Britax Hugs System
    Quick Adjust No re-thread harness, can be adjusted while car seat is installed and while child is in the car seat.
    Safe Cell Base
    Click Tight installation

    The most important thing for me to talk about when reviewing the Frontier 90, would of course be the Click Tight installation technology. I was seriously amazed. Darren made me try an installation, as soon as I arrived. I had never touched the seat or nor had I read the manual (but dont do that ), and I was able to install the seat in less than a minute. It was every bit as easy as the videos I had seen previously. Darren and I uninstalled and reinstalled the seat several times while playing with it and every time it was just as simple. I can see this seat being a huge help to parents who might have trouble with installing, and yes, those who don't spend much time reading the manual (again, read it ) Its very self explanatory, clearly laid out, and just so easy to get right. Here is a video of me installing it for the first time in my 2003 Chevy Trailblazer:

    [ame=""]Britax Frontier 90 Super Easy Installation - YouTube[/ame]

    I was able to try both my daughters in the Frontier 90. My oldest Ilana, which you can see at , is 5y4m, 40lbs and 42". She was able to easily get in the seat and buckle herself. She fit well in the seat, with enough room to not be squished, but not enough that she didn't fill out the seat. She had plenty of room left in the harness portion of the seat. My youngest, Isabel, is 3y6m, 32lbs and 38". The quick adjust harness system is perfect for kids who may share seats. Once Ilana got out, Isabel was able to get in and buckle up as I adjusted the seat for her height without having to take it out to readjust the harness. Here is Isabel getting buckled in:

    [ame=""]Britax Frontier 90 Features and Harness Adjustment - YouTube[/ame]

    I can truly say I was blown away at how this seat was able to install. It is super innovative and just pretty darn impressive. I can install my seats rather quickly, but the Frontier 90 makes it so much more intuitive and easy to get a rock hard install within less than a minute!

    Two things worth noting, which I'd hardly call cons, is that it took a lot more force than I thought to close the click tight system, but thinking about it, it does make sense it would take a sturdy push to close it, and the harness adjuster is buried somewhat deeply into the seat. This is great because little hands shouldn't be able to reach it, but it is slightly hard to find and was even a bit of a stretch for my (small) adult hands. Once you get used to the placement however, it becomes much more easy to find.

    The Frontier 90 is an impressive, long lasting, seat and a great new addition from Britax.

    (Editor's note: Currently in-stock and on sale for around $280 at with free shipping and free returns).
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    Re: Britax Frontier 90 Review: Features and Installation Videos

    We got this seat when it was released a few weeks back and after 2 weeks of use, there are certainly "cons" to parents using this as an alternative seat for an older, more self-reliant child.

    Our 5-YO was perfectly able to get into the Graco Nautilus, clip the belts, and pull the harness tight each time. To get out, he releases some of the tension on the harness a bit (a few inches) so he can easily maneuver to unbuckle the crotch area.

    In the Britax, it is not possible for him to loosen the harness at all to get out because the release is buried deep enough that even I can hardly reach it. This is a con for sure. Having a 5/6/7/8 year old require adult help getting into a car seat is very much a burden for a parent with other smaller children. Before I could come around to his side and do the buckle check (and kiss his sweet head) in 1 second. Now I'm back to actually harnessing him in his seat. It is annoying. He's frustrated as well.

    The click-tight installation is fab-u-lous, but if you aren't putting the seat in / out of multiple cars all the time, I'm not sure I'd recommend this seat for a "big kid" that wants to self-harness that you aren't ready to booster.

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    Re: Britax Frontier 90 Review: Features and Installation Videos

    Quote Originally Posted by mochajunkie View Post
    Our 5-YO was perfectly able to get into the Graco Nautilus, clip the belts, and pull the harness tight each time. To get out, he releases some of the tension on the harness a bit (a few inches) so he can easily maneuver to unbuckle the crotch area.
    I think it's what your child gets used to and personal preference. My DS is not yet 5, and uses the FN85. He buckles himself, but I leave the harnesses at the same level of tightness once we hit the right fit. OTOH, I have not taught him to unbuckle himself, but then again, I don't really want him fiddling with it and unbuckling it while we're driving.

    Update: my son now has the strength and permission to unbuckle the harness of his FN85, @ age 5.75
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