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    Angle Adjuster in 3rd Gen Odyssey Pics

    2007 Odyssey in captains chair and plus-one
    3rd gen is 05-10. I didn't see these yet so here they are if anyone is wondering.


    With-front seat in same position:

    Front seat all the way at the back of the track and slightly reclined:

    The plus one vehicle seatback must be fully upright otherwise the feet on the boot hit the hinges. Please ignore my dangling latch straps and tethers. Both front seats are all the way back:

    And in case anyone was wondering if you could get the capt chair to move forward for 3rd row access while the rn is rf on the plus-one...maybe if you remove the arm rest, which I didn't try. Pic shows where the armrest hits rn if you try to move the capt chair forward:

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    Re: Angle Adjuster in 3rd Gen Odyssey Pics

    I don't have pics, but I was able to move the captain's chair back 3 more clicks using and angle adjuster with my Radian in the third row of my '05 Ody. It also made the install less tippy.
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