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    Smile Bought the Triumph Advance at BRU Today

    I have been looking for a car seat for my 16 month old for a while. I wanted a seat that would allow him to be in a 5 pt harness until between ages 5-6, when he can use his big brother's Regent that he will no longer need. Well, at home I have a Boulevard and Radian 65 that I bought from I wasn't thrilled with either, but thought about keeping the Boulevard. Then, I thought I would go check out the Triumph Advance everyone keeps talking about. Well, I really like it. I compared it side by side to the Boulevard and it is the same height. Actually, the seats are pretty similar. Then, when you look at the $130 Triumph Advance (I got the blackish seat which is the same as the sandbox seat, but $20 less), vs. the $300 Boulevard and I couldn't justify the price difference. I sat my 4.5 year old in it and he has some room left height wise, which shocked me because he is tall for his age. So, I think I am going to stick with it. I wanted to wait for the Recaro Como, but I am so tired of waiting that I think I am going to stay with the Triumph Advance. My husband will be thrilled that I have this "project" off of the list.

    Anyone have any thoughts who has seen the Triumph Advance and read about the Recaro Como about why you would pay $$$ more for the Recaro? (I realize this is a tough question to answer having not seen the new Recaro's, but I would really like to put this to rest in my mind and pick one. I just want to make sure I haven't really missed anything big. We can afford the Recaro, no issue, but I don't want to pay a ton more if they are basically the same)

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    Re: Bought the Triumph Advance at BRU Today

    The new Recaros will will go to 70lbs, have 19 inch top slots, and rear-face tether. I also like the side impact protection.

    But, the Advance is a really nice seat too. I've seen it and like lots about it. Especially how easy the harness height adjusts.
    I'm glad you found a seat that you like and it should last you along time!

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    Re: Bought the Triumph Advance at BRU Today

    The Como and Signo's top slots are supposed to be roughly 2 inches taller than the Triumph Advance.

    The Como and Signo will tether rear-facing.

    The Como and Signo will harness to 70 pounds forward-facing.

    Those are the reasons *I* would consider those over a Triumph Advance, but the Advance is still an awesome seat! I think Hayley would be about even with the top slots, from what I've heard (everyone says the Advance top slots fit kids a bit taller than Britax MA top slots), so it's a seat that should actually last kids to the full harnessed weight limit of 50 pounds. I just think I'd go with a Como or Signo because it should last years longer.

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