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Thread: Bob Warm Fuzzy

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    Bob Warm Fuzzy

    Does anyone have one? I want to make a stroller liner for the Bob. Could you measure it for me? and how do the straps come out?
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    Senior Community Member Jennifer mom to my 7's Avatar
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    Re: Bob Warm Fuzzy

    Do you belong to strollerswap?

    Never mind. Here you go:

    It is 18 inches across the top, 17 inches across the bottom, and 14 inches in the middle. The total length is about 28.5 inches. The slits start 3 inches from the bottom, and take up about 5 inches. Then there is 8 inches from the top slit on the bottom, to the bottom of the start of the slits on the top. Those slits take up around 5.5 inches, and then the long slit is about 6.5 inches. Measurements are all give or take a bit

    THree top slits

    Velcro slit, about 6.5 inches long, 12 inches to the bottom of the last slit near the top.

    3 slits near the bottom. there are also 3 slits under the velcro. The slits measure about 1.5 inches long, and are only about 1/4 inch or less apart.

    Try that. I had taken these and measurements for someone on swap.
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    Re: Bob Warm Fuzzy

    Awesome pics - thanks so much for posting those Jennifer!
    OP, honestly, the warm fuzzy is great! Especially if you live somewhere where it gets chilly. It provides some padding but also warmth. We have a 7 am enfant blanket over the stroller and it's a great combo. the warm fuzzy!

    FWIW - I believe is now making strollerliners for BOB as well

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