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    Recaro Young Sport

    Here's a quick take on our first experience with the RYS.

    1. Solid feeling chair.
    2. SIP makes me as a parent feel that our child is well protected.
    3. Recaro brand means safety was taken seriously.
    4. Son loves the soft material and head "wings". we thought he may have issues with the wings but he appeared to like them.
    5. Converts to booster over 40 lbs.
    6. Safeguard made LATCH clips and tether
    7. Did I say Recaro already?

    1. Seat pad moves around since it is not anchored/secured/sewn to anything (i know that has been an issue)
    2. Pad for the buckle comes off
    3. Tightening the harness with the child in the seat is not as easy as expected. We're used to the Triumph with that great knob. Despite pulling as tight as possible, I noticed that there was still slack in the harness. So I free up more slack from the lower section of the harness and give the tightening strap another tug. It tightened a litlle more but I feel that this can be improved. Hope the wife can get it tight.
    4. Chest clip feels flimsy.
    5. Slight (less than 1/2 inch) wiggle at front of base. I think its due to angle of base vs. angle of seat. Rear of base and top are SOLID. Installed in 03 Accord rear center w/ seatbelt.
    6. Belt routing indicators can be a little confusing. Just gotta read the manual. Belt routing areas can have more reinforcement.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Or any suggestions. Hopefully some of this will get resolved the more we use the seat.

    Overall the solid feeling of the seat outweighs the usability issues. I think we were spoiled because we were using the Triumph before this. Straight out of the box the Triumph is much easier to install and get comfortable with (in terms of usability) than the YS. Wil keep you posted.

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    Re: Recaro Young Sport

    i agree with all your points, both pro AND con!!! (except we don't have any movement of the seat at all towards the front...if any, maybe a couple of millimeters! it's definitely going to be car-specific)

    i wish they had some sort of velcro fastener for the toddler pad... and we also found the buckle pad slips off as we lift our daughter out... our daughter kept complaining that her "crotch hurts", so we just removed the buckle pad and that solved the problem.

    as for the chest clip, it's the exact same clip (except for the embossed name) as found on the britaxes... it's made by IMMI along with the harnesses.
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    Re: Recaro Young Sport

    I really love the Recaro because it is sooo comfortable and it supports my daughter's head when she sleeps. I was able to get a rock solid instalation with the latch and a pretty good instalation with the seat belt. This seat is heavy and the 5-point harness is only rated to 40lbs. which, these days, is not so great. Other than that, I love this seat.
    Here is a picture of my 4.5y/o who is 39lbs. 45" tall in the Young Sport:

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