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    Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    Hi there -
    We have a 20 month old and are expecting baby #2 in mid December. After a lot of research on double strollers, we bit the bullet and splurged on a Phil & Ted's Sport w/ doubles kit. So far, I LOVE it as a single for just my 20 month old. I'm a little concerned about the infant/toddler mode, though.

    From what I can tell (and I even called customer support for one of the stroller web sites) the infant doesn't get strapped into the stroller. Isn't this a safety issue?! Seems crazy to just have them loose in a moving stroller.

    Am I missing something? If you've used the infant/toddler mode, how did you do it?

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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    I used the infant toddler mode three, maybe four times with my two youngest. But, when I did use it, I used the regular harness and had rolled receiving blankets around them.

    It was just easier (for me) to wear the baby or, keep her in the infant car seat on top with my older kid in the back jump seat, than to use the infant mode.

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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    I strapped my infant in while in infant/toddler mode. I have a few pictures if that would help.

    Older DD in the jump seat up front

    Younger DD in the main seat reclined all the way down with her strapped in

    I did also use a Snuzzler sometimes to give her more support since the harness is quite large over an infant. It helped a lot. Now that younger DD is 7 months, I've tried it out with her in the back, still using the Snuzzler to give her a little more support. Here is how they look now (sorry for the picture quality, it's with my cell phone):

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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    I used the harness as a 3-pt and left the hip straps unbuckled.
    My baby is so big though , that he was about 3 mos old before I had to move him into the back seat because his girthiness was getting squashed by his brother sitting up top.
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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    The cocoon really helps with that also. You just place the cocoon in the seat while it is flat. Hmm, I thought I had a pic on photobucket of a cocoon but I don't.
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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    Thank you so much for the replies. Especially for the pictures jka1217!
    I'm relieved to know that some of you were able to use the harness. Something didn't sit right with me about an infant in a moving stroller with no harness.

    I'm wondering now if I put the doubles seat on incorrectly. When I had everything assembled, it looked like the toddler in the doubles seat would literally be sitting on top of the infant, i.e. the doubles seat would be touching the infant. I must have done something incorrectly. Will have to recheck my installation...

    Thanks again everyone!!

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    Re: Question about infant's in the Phil & Ted's

    I had the P&Ts when both my boys were born. I never buckled the baby in when in infant/toddler mode, but I only used it places like the zoo or the mall and only when they were very little (under 3 months) and usually asleep. Honestly, I think I might have used it that way once for DS2. He was usually in the MT on my tummy, or I would put him one of the seats in the snuzzler after 6 weeks old. It was just easier that way for me.

    I've heard the cocoon is great too, but I'm in Florida and figured I'd roast my kids.

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