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    Anyone willing to let me use pictures for presentation?

    Hello Everyone, I am presenting to a few Mom's Clubs over the next few weeks and I am working on an updated presentation that includes a few slides of children sitting correctly in their seats (including extended RF and harnessing, as well as boosters) that can run while everyone is filtering...
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    Just Whining...Not In Love With Monterey

    Hrmph. I want to love this booster seat. I'm trying very very hard to like it, but I just don't. It is tall enough for my son, which is awesome since I do not trust he'll sit correctly in a NBB. However, it seems no matter what I do, he's out of position somehow, he can't get it buckled...
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    Coccoro Install in 2010 Ford Fusion

    Anyone have tips or tricks to get a nice tight install of this seat in this particular car? I tried both the center (which has a bump, so it wasn't level...or tight) and outboard (both belt and LAtch) no avail. Thanks!
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    Question regarding the pricing of used seats

    On our local CL there are a couple seats I'd like to get to use as demo-only seats. I'm willing to pay a fair price, but I'm not sure what fair would be. Is there a formula you know of to decrease the value of a seat as it nears expiration date? Thanks!
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    Alrighty, I'm still on the fence please help me choose

    I am 100% sure I'll be selling Jacob's Nautilus since he really is uncomfortable in it. I replace it with a Strada or a Monterey? He is 7 years old. 52 pounds 53 inches
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    DS is getting squished in Nautilus, suggestions?

    So my ds (7) is complaining that on longer car rides he is uncomfortable in his Nautilus. I know it's due to the narrowing in the arm/shoulder area since he typically rides with his arms up over the wings. We tried the Monterey, Parkway, Frontier 85, Strada and Radian80 over the weekend. He...
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    W.H.A.L.E. Program Question

    Hello Everyone. Are any of you involved with a WHALE program in your area? Has anyone ever started one? Currently the state of Nebraska doesn't have one at all (according to the website) and I am contemplating applying for a grant to get this started in my area. Any insight you are able to...
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    Quick question about True Fit RF install

    I'm currently reading all the past threads regarding this seat, but in case I don't find the info I'm looking for, I'm posting this here :D I'm helping a neighbor install this seat (my first time with this particular seat and vehicle) rear facing for an 18 month old, 19 pound child. I know...
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    Successful Seat Check Yesterday in Omaha

    We had our first check out of 3 here in the Omaha area yesterday at the Children's Hospital and it went really well. The weather was cold, cloudy, rainy and nasty but since we were in the parking garage it was alright. Not sure how many seats were checked yet, but there were a few times...
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    Separating headrest from back support on Evenflo Big Kid booster?

    Does anyone know if (once assembled) it is possible to disassemble the Evenflo Big Kid? My problem is removing the headrest from the back support, which when you open the box, has to be "snapped" together. Thanks! It's for a return to Target, didn't work in neighbor's car. I'll take it back...
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    Ugh..7 year old no longer able to use 5pt harness

    Hi All, I'm new(er) to posting, though I'm an avid lurker. I just had to come and post since I know you understand how I am feeling. My ds turned 7 last month and just this week I made the decision to remove his 5pt harness from our Nautilus seat, as he is too tall for the top straps to be...
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    1999 Toyota Sienna advice needed for convertible seat

    My neighbor has asked me to research a new car seat for her 9 month old, as he is about 3 months from reaching the height limit of his infant seat. She knows how passionate I am about car seat safety (my own 6.5yo is harnessed in a Nautilus, 11yo dd was in backless booster until this past...
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    Question MyRide 65 RF Install 2008 Odyssey Tether Question

    Hi. I have searched and searched for this answer before posting it, please forgive me if I've missed it. I am installing a MyRide 65 rear facing in a 2008 Odyssey 2nd row outboard passenger position. Where can I tether this seat? I've read the "finding a good tether in a 2005 and newer"...

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