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    5 Step Check

    Bubblebum and without a booster.
  2. mamahen

    5 Step Check

    Ack! I’m SO not ready for this! My 4’ 8.5” 10 yo has been complaining about the seatbelt being too low and slipping down his arm in my car. He definitely still needs a booster in my husbands big truck but in my little car, it loos like he passes the 5 step test. It seems like a huge step to go...
  3. mamahen

    How do you do RVs?

    We have a new RV and two kids in boosters. The rv has lap belts in a side facing seat and some on a forward facing seat. I don’t really know what’s best to do with them. Not using the RV isn’t an option.
  4. mamahen

    Booster for small 7yo

    My son is almost 8 but at 48 lbs and around 50”, is more like a 6yo size. My 2 Radians are nearing the end of their life so I’m going looking for a new seat. I had bought the Britax Frontier to keep him harnessed longer but after the consumer reports findings, I switched him to booster mode. But...
  5. mamahen

    Question What next for DS with DS

    My son Is 5.5yo, 40", 40lbs, and has Down syndrome. I just FF'd him because he's now 40lbs but both of my Radian XTSL are expiring the end of the year. I'm hoping you'll give me some guidance on should I get another convertible or a combo harnessed booster? We've gotten good use out of these...
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    Diono Mat

    If I have a Diono seat and since this says its crash tested, does that mean its safe to use? I've always avoided any sort of accessory except the angle adjuster.
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    retrofitting tether vs bolting to frame

    So DH wants to buy a 1999 4Runner. From what I can tell, it won't have tethers and will need to be retrofitted. I'm adamant that it be retrofitted with tethers according to Toyota specifications but DH is adamant that he could bolt it to the frame (somehow, I don't know) and that it would be...
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    Clek in Golf SW?

    I just got a 2015 Gold Sportwagen, well, like 2 days before diesel gate :doh: DS2 is rf in a graco MR65 and my plan was to use that FF when he's ready. But, I tried DS1 FF in the spare MR65 the other day and it was so tall and the angle was such that it made his legs stick straight into the...
  9. mamahen

    Help interpreting vehicle Manual

    I just got a 2015 golf Sportwagen. On page 116 of the manual it lists certain rf and convertible seats that " must be used to certify compliance of the Afvanced Airbag system in your vehicle with the suppression requirements of the FMVSS 208" Does that mean I can't use my Radian or just that...
  10. mamahen

    What do you do if they do this while FF?

    What do you do if their head lobs around when they're ff? My youngest DS is almost 4 And I was planning to ff him on his birthday. But this weekend we had to ride in grandpas truck and it was easier to get the seats in ff so I flipped it for a couple days and when he fell asleep Ymir was this-...
  11. mamahen

    Looking for harnessed HBB

    My ds1 is almost 6, weighs 44b and is 45". his sit to knee is 13" and his sit to shoulder is 17". I am looking for some recommendations for a harness HBB. none of our vehicles have latch. He is still primarily in the Radian FF in my car probably until it expires. I'm looking for the HBB to...
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    ACK! DH thought the spare seat was in his parents garage, but really he left it outside. Outside (but under a tarp) in WA+abnormally high temperatures lately+cracker crumbs= mold. yuck. I found some older threads that said to just buy a new harness so I will do that. But what is OK to...
  13. mamahen

    What next?

    My trusty MR 65 is going to expire this summer. DS1 is 5.5 yr old, 48lb, 44" tall. He's still in the xtsl in the primary car so I'm looking for what to put in the secondary vehicle. Hbb? I haven't done any seat shopping lately so I'm sure there are some new options out there now. Thanks!
  14. mamahen

    Can you check my install?

    I'm installing this radian ff in a Freightliner Sprinter. The bench seat is not adjustable so I feel like I need to push the radian back but it wants to stay as pictured. It is secure with the seat belt and since it's not a regular car, I had to do my best to tether it.
  15. mamahen

    Frontier 85

    It was recommended that I get a frontier 85 for our vehicle with buckles forward of the seat bite. Its a graco my ride 65 in there ff now and it moves front to back a lot. Side to side it's ok. My question is what's the difference between the 85 and the sict? My laptop broke and I haven't...

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