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Use these measurements as a tool to help narrow down which carseats might be good for specific situations. It is important to keep in mind though that measurements do not always provide the full picture of how a carseat might work with a child when it is installed in a particular vehicle. One carseat might last a child a year longer then another carseat even though they both may have the same exact top slot measurement. Variations in seat shapes, recline levels and padding can all play a role in determining how long a child might fit in a particular carseat.

We hope that the data is as accurate and complete as possible, but please recognize that this information is not perfect. Measuring is subjective and all data here is submitted by members of Car-Seat.Org and can vary slightly from actual measurements. Plus, models that have the same name but have slight design differences may appear in different stores and there is no way to keep track of all models and all variations. Models in Canada and elsewhere outside the USA may vary.

For easier comparisons with a grid for desktops, notebooks, netbooks, tablets with larger screens, you can also find the master spreadsheets using this link:

Carseat Measurements and Data Spreadsheets

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Some information is still missing from the spreadsheets. If you have acccess to this missing data or feel that the existing information is not accurate, please submit your own information using the submission forms.

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