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I am CPST that just joined the forum. I tried to follow the instructions to join the tech forum but couldn't find the group memberships section. I saw meljc's post to you from 2020 while searching and thought I'd try asking you as well! My tech ID is already in my profile and I added to my affiliations on SafeKids.

Sorry for the delay, you should be able to access it now. The tech forum has not been active for some time, as most techs have moved on to facebook and other social media. There is a decent archive of discussions, though.
thanks so much!
Hi Darren! I am trying to join the Tech forum now that I'm a CPST but I can't find a section for group memberships. I added my tech ID to my profile already. Please let me know what else I should do. Thanks :)
Hi meljc, I will take care of that for you. The forum software was updated a few months ago and the instructions are probably no longer valid. I will put that on my to-do list;-)
Thank you!
Hello Angie.

My Name is Crystal and I believe you know my Mom. Heidi Hollander or Mykidsmom on diaper pin.

My Mom has been wishing she had a way to contact you and I remembered you were a CPST so I came looking here.
Hi. I'm a new dad. I know this is short, but I'm here for some help. So, thanks

edit: And I could use some friends
Hello I recently saw your response to a thread about having a Cosco Touriva. I was wondering if you still happen to have this seat or any connection to it?
Hi I saw one of your responses on a thread about having bought Cosco Touriva car seats. I was wondering if you would still happen to have them?
Hello, I see you collect child seats and gear. Would you happen to have any of the following models?

Century SmartFit
Cosco Arriva
Cosco Touriva
Cosco Summit Deluxe
Evenflo RightFit
Britax Roadster

I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
I saw on one of your posts that you have a lot of baby gear. Does that include child seats? If so I am looking for a few models that I have been trying to find for awhile now and would like to know if you would have any or any references. Some of the models include:

Century SmartFit
Cosco Arriva
Cosco Touriva
Britax Roadster
Evenflo RightFit

I would appreciate any feedback, Thank you!
I saw you said you collect child seats. Would you happen to own any of the following models?
Century SmartFit
Cosco Arriva
Cosco Touriva
Cosco Summit Deluxe
Graco Toddler SafeSeat Step 2
Britax Roadster
Evenflo RightFit

I would appreciate any feedback, Thank you!
I was referred to you for looking for some old seat models. I have been looking for a couple months now and cannot seem to find them anywhere. Below is a list of the seats I am looking for. Would you have any available or any references as to where I would be able to find them?
Century Smart Fit 4543
Cosco Arriva PAW 02-013
and base WHO 22-999
Cosco Touriva 2519
Cosco Summit Deluxe 22-262
Graco Toddler SafeSeat Step 2
Britax Roadster 9004
Evenflo Right Fit 245

Thank you for your time. I appreciate any feedback.
Hey Hayley. I saw you have experince with Volvos. I have a 1990 240DL sedan and need to know what seats can fit 3 accross. I have a 6 1/2y old ff, 2 1/2y old RF, and a 6 month old RF in a bucket seat.

The infant is in a chicco keyfit 30, and we have a Britax marathon & Evenflo sureride. Im looking to get a booster or small convertable for my 6 year old, but willing to change both my toddlers seat & 6y olds

Thank you so much!
I saw you had 3-across in an outback. I have a 2012 legacy, so pretty much the same interior space and need to do 3 across. How did you arrange the 4ever, keyfit, and radian? Thanks :)
Hi Wendy - do you think that I could have access to this forum as well as the CPST FB group. I'm really enjoying all of the questions that come up there and I've heard that there is more information on this site that I'd like to take advantage of. I'm happy to send you my tech card again.


Sarah Kaplan
Can I submit measurements for the Dream On Me Highback booster?
Lowest belt guide: 15"
Highest belt guide: 20"
tallest internal seating height: 27 1/2"
tallest external seating height: 30 1/2"
Internal seating depth: 13"
external seating depth: 15"
internal seating width: 11"
external seating width: 15"
highback max external width: 17" (at shoulder)
height of seat base: 4 1/2"

Let me know if you need anything else, I've been impressed with it so far. It's pretty comparable to the Harmony folding booster other than no cup holder :( It fits well in my super tight 3 across and I Think will fit him for quite a while.

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