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My sister is due with my nephew in a few weeks and sometime before christmas she is going back to teaching and we are the babysitter. I have a 05 Town and Country and I have 3 kids, 11yo in a seat belt in the 3rd row and 2 in boosters in the captains chairs in the 2nd row. My sister bought a SafeSeat 1 and an extra base. Well she said she is NOT taking the base out of her car and I have to trade the base with her dh on the weekend so they can drive around doing errands in his company car on the weekend. I am putting the baby in the 3rd row in the center for 2 reasons. 1 my 11yo can keep an eye on the baby and 2 my 3 are still seperated and cannot fight..LOL. I am not keen on putting the base back in on mondays to take the baby with us to whatever is going on since we homeschool. So here is my question. Which would be a better deal, rebuckle the base every monday as she will not let me use the carseat on a daily basis without the base or am I better or buying a Scenera for the baby and that way it is mine and I can leave it in my van and just take him in and out?

Thanks for any advice.



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The SafeSeat base is SO easy to buckle in with its built-in locking clip. Have you installed one yet? It should be a very quick install.

The Scenera idea would work, too, but I did want to point out that the SafeSeat base should be super quick and easy to install.


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I'd take reinstalling the safe seat base once a week over the scenera any time.

but if you're considering a scenera (~$40), why not buy yourself a SS1 base? Amazon has them for $40 right now and they've been $35 in their Friday sale for the past two weeks.


and here it is for $32, but from a site I'm not familiar with.

I definitely think your money would be better spent on an extra base than a scenera- especially if you're going to be running around with your children.

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I don't think buckling the base in on Mondays would be a big deal. Usually, bases are fairly easy to get tight quickly. I do think it would be pretty inconvenient to carry the infant seat to the 3rd row though. I actually had my 3rd child RF in the 3rd row of my Sienna a couple of days this past week, and it was more difficult than I'd anticipated to get him in and out--especially the one time he fell asleep in the car!! If it were me, I'd probably put the nephew in the driver's side captains chair--that way you can get the seat in and out easier, or buckle him in and out easier if you leave the seat in the car. Your oldest could sit on the passenger side (or middle) of the 3rd row--and would still be able to see what's going on with the baby, and you could put your #2 in the 3rd row--behind the baby to prevent kicking/hitting child #3 in the back of the head (can you tell I know about the fighting from experience??;)).


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I think it would be a lot easier to just snap the infant seat into the third row than it would be to climb back there and buckle the baby into a scenera. I have put my keyfit in the middle of the third row w/o much trouble and it isn't hard to snap the carrier into the base - or hard to remove it. I can imagine it would be quite difficult to climb into the van w/baby and try to buckle them in. Doable - but not as easy! I agree with the others - if you are willing to spend some money for ease of use, spend it on a base!


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Definitely reinstall the base. The first time you do it it'll take you about a minute. After that about 20 seconds. Seriously. It is SO easy.



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Thanks everybody. I haven't done a carseat base since my youngest was in one. Of course then it was a pain in the rear end because they weren't latch. The reason I was going to spend the money on the Scenera instead of the base was because the Scenera would get me a little longer and was cheaper than the $50 my sister spent on her 2nd base.

I will take into consideration moving him into the 2nd row but I also figure my 11yo can get him out(unhook the seat from the base), all I will have to do is put him in. If all else fails I will put my youngest in the back with my oldest and put the baby in the 2nd row with my middle one that likes to cause the issues with his brothers.

Thanks again for all your advice.


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