Would you rather have LATCH or more SIP in a booster??


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The booster is going in the civic. I have LATCH in there and can use a PW SGL, or I can use a TB SS. I'm thinking the LATCH would provide more stability plus the SG strap, or the beefier sides of the TB. Which would you do?

My other vehicle is a Suburban so I always worry about having the kids in such a small car. :eek:


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A LATCHed in booster won't be a projectile when no one is in it. I think there is also a slight benefit to the child in a side impact, but I'm not sure.

Side impact protection has no standards. I'm sure the companies do try, but it also wouldn't surprise me in the least to hear that the marketing department sits around and says, "This year's buzz words are side impact. So make sure we say it's Super Side Impact Tested so that way it sounds even MORE impressive." Given that there are no standards by which to hold the seat, there's nothing illegal about them doing that. Two of the seats that I know of with pretty impressive head wings (Safety 1st Boost Air and Diono Monterey) require support from the car behind them. So what does that mean for a side impact crash as well?



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SIP...but buckle it in when not in use ;)
Yeah, that's my thinking. I just can't get over how deep some sides are and I can't imagine them NOT keeping the head from hitting the window, standards or not :confused: (Thinking my old Boost Air, that thing is deeeeep, lol). Of course, I do like LATCH, so, um... start a poll? Because in the end, it's all just navel gazing, we aren't going to know the best answer for so long, that cars might actually be safe for kids without all these extra doohickeys (ie, stupid booster seats :p) (I checked the TC site, and they don't really like LATCHed boosters, but it's backless ones, the crash testing didn't have LATCHed ones at that time, unless I'm missing something, like was the Nautilus tested LATCHed? http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/safedrivers-childsafety-programs-testing-booster-report-924.htm)


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I've been struggling with this for our new spare and travel booster for DS2. I couldn't decide between the nicer SIP on the TBSS (I just missed the Target sale) and the latched Affix. I gave up and just went with the basic TB on sale at Amazon.:eek:


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I really like the graco turbo suround, and admit if they made a cute cover with latch I'd probably get one.

I've been happy with my kiddy cruiserfix though the monterey does have nicer sides.


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I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to spend the money on new seats for the Civic. I really don't have it, but if it makes them safer than I'll find it ya know?

It's easier to buckle the PW because the tethers hold it still and it's just a tad narrower at the buckles. I think I'll use those for now and try not to feel guilty that I don't have huge sides on their boosters. :p I'm used to seeing the boy in the BLVD that hugged him and the girl in the FR 85. It's weird seeing them so free. But I need boosters in there because I have to haul other kids at various times and can't be installing/uninstalling all the time. :rolleyes:

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