Would you ever recommend the SS2?

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I'm just wondering, since it has a low weight limit (not sure why the SS1 is so great with the high limits and then the SS2 falls short?!). You would think for a FF-only seat it would have a higher weight limit! But it is cheap, and I love the Natalie print. :whistle:

We're getting 2 Recaros, one for each DD, but I'm getting really really tired of having to switch seats between both cars, and I want the baby in a convertible (she would get DD1's Triumph in my car, and just use her bucket in DH's car). DD1 has outgrown the Triumph RF and so is FF in that in DH's car. Of course when we get the Recaros she will be RF in that in my car, and her MA can go in DH's car, and the baby will use the Triumph as a backup seat.


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Absolutely! It's a GREAT seat!

It's gigantic though. Really, REALLY gigantic. Front to back, not side to side. It won't fit in my backseat at all.

Yes, it's only forty pounds. But it has very tall top slots, deep headwings and EPS foam, and a super easy install. Also, the recline is very nice for those times when it is needed (I wouldn't use it often, as upright is safer, but sometimes it's worth it to make the baby sleep soundly).

Most kids are 4+ years old before hitting 40 pounds, and most kids outgrow seats by height first anyway. I can't imagine any but the skinniest child outgrowing this by height first.

There are lots of FF only seats we recommend that only go to 40 pounds (Bolero/Generations, Chase, Cargo). Yes, some of those can be used as a booster, but most of them (with the exception of the Bolero/Generations) are not good as a booster. So you're still buying it until 40 pounds and then buying a booster anyway.

If my child were not so heavy (32 pounds at 21 months) and I had a bigger car, I would definitely consider the SS2. In fact, I DID consider it very seriously before passing on it (was going to get rid of my BV) but it just won't fit.

Go for it! It's SUPER easy to install, which is one of it's huge selling points.


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I think its a really nice seat too, I recently checked one out at the local walmart. I do think its pretty overpriced for what it is, but if I could find one on sale I would definitely have one since I like big seats because I think they're way easier to install and use then lightweight seats like the scenera.


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It is nice, but big & I just always forget about it because when I suggest seat options I consider RF tetherability + higher limits (then there's the issue of many people needing a narrower convertible) so it kinda pushes itself out of the picture :eek:


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SS2 is only a FF seat. I have one. Its Okay to install, its HUGE. Its not as sound as i would like because it CAN recline in place. so when you try to 'shake' it to see if its installed properly the 'seat' part shakes. I've had One problem with it, and that was when i was putting my DS2 in the seat, and i pulled on the straps, and one came completely at me. Its sooo squished in the metal buckle that i guess since it had slack over night, it just popped. Now i check on it every time i go to put DS2 in it.

I just dont understand Graco's logic. You have the SS1, that goes to 30lbs, then you're supposed to go to the ss2, which would therotically last you 10lbs, then you go to a booster.


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SS2 is only a FF seat.
Exactly & kids would most likely then be in a booster too soon because of it's limits. I wasn't very clear before mentioned RF tether -- what I meant is that other seats which can be used FF have higher limits + are capable of tethering RF for younger/smaller kids so they're theoretically "better". Got hungry & walked away before I remembered to add that for the $ a Recaro Young Sport is a better choice because at least it becomes a truly dedicated booster afterwards. I think Graco made an oops letting this hit the market & now just can't take it back until the get it right :whistle:


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Got hungry & walked away before I remembered to add that for the $ a Recaro Young Sport is a better choice because at least it becomes a truly dedicated booster afterwards.
That's not true. A SS2 is about $110, a RYS is $250, and can only be used to 80 pounds/six years. If I have a 2 year old that I am buying for, I STILL need another booster. Or I could buy an SS2, and in 2-3 years buy a top notch booster and be out about the same amount, with the option of passing down the SS2 to another child. Plus, it's very easy to install, which is a huge plus for most parents who won't take the time to get it right.

I think the RYS is a nice seat, but definitely a waste money wise. I looked into it, but just couldn't justify that cost for a seat that would only last a few years, since I KNOW he'll be forty pounds before I am willing to put him in a booster (32 at 21 months). However, if I can get two more years out of an SS2 as his spare seat, it would be worth the money I put into it.
But, I'm not buying one, so it doesn't matter. Although I bet it would install like a dream in the center of my car with the seatbelt from hell. That's IF I could get it to FIT in my car!


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$110 for only about 20# worth of use ... another $100+ for an extra 40# and about 3-4 more of use on top of what the SS2 allows with more safety features than most boosters & makes the increase in price worth it, IMO (the SS2 was closer $180 when it was here locally ever so breifly!) -- seems to me that anyone who would spend over $100 for only about 20# of use could find a way to put out more money for a seat that would last a lot longer: be it the RYSport (for those who refuse/cannot RF) or a Britax.... If not, then there are still better choices under that price. The RYSport is better suited to tall/thin kids, but it seems the SS2 is best suited to kids whose parents don't understand that they will still need to buy a booster after the SS2 or maybe refuse to try RF after 12 months. I'm not saying it's a bad seat, just so limited in its purpose with such a small range of use for that cost.
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I don't think I am counted as a parent who refuses to try ERF, with a 32 pound 21 month old still RF in one car and very recently FF in the other by medical necessity, nor am I under any illusions that my child will not need a booster after he outgrows ANY harnessed seat, much less one with a forty pound limit.

Limited in scope, yes. But it *is* meant to be part of an effective "3 step" system of seats. RF in the SS1 for 20ish months for most kids, FF in the SS2 until about 4.5, and in a booster (SS3/Turbo Booster) higback until about 8 and backless until 10 or so. While that is not the safest possible setup, it is very safe and easy for people to understand. Coupled with very easy to install and use seats, and it's a good system. The SS2 is definitely a better seat than the ComfortSport, especially if you're coming from the SS1. Charlie outgrew the CS RF before the SS1! And though not every one uses them as a system of seats, for those that DO do that (and what Graco had in mind), they have a very safe, easy to use, reasonably priced system of car seats that will take their child(ren) from birth to seatbelt.

If I were to have used the SafeSeat system with my (very large) child, he would have been rear facing for about 18-19 months, far longer than the minimum or the average. Then, if his growth stays constant, he would fit in the SS2 by weight and height until a bit after his fourth birthday, which is again longer than average for harness use. After that, he would go into the SS3 which, if his growth stays constant, he'll fit into until he's at least ten years old (counting backless use as well).

For that, I have spent about $350. I've also gotten two ridiculously easy to install seats (1 and 2) that are very well padded and comfortable for my child. I've also rear faced longer than the minimum, and harnessed longer than the minimum. And I've used a booster longer than the minimum or average. Now, if I were an average parent with little to know car seat knowledge, I would appreciate this easy to use set up.

Now, for US, it's easier to pick apart and say it's not worth it. But for most people, who don't know or simply don't care, this entire system is a winner. Follow the steps, no confusion.


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I agree with what you're saying, but I think the whole system just encourages parents to move kids up out of safer seating sooner.... Most 12 month olds fit the SS1, but not all & most 2 year olds do not -- the SS2 should be convertible to allow those kids up to 2 years old to still be RF & the SS2 should have higher limits considering the huge push for harnessed seats for obese kids who are incapable of using boosters correctly yet. The system is not effective all, IMO, because the middle step is so limited in it's safety coverage.

It's great that it works for you, but please realize that I was not speaking specifically of you. I am of course thinking of the general parent. It's design just eliminates it from being a "recommended" seat because of it's limited use & it is not any easier to install than less expensive seats. However, it's important to note here that techs are not supposed to recommend seats anyway -- we educate parents on the options available to them, ideally suggesting features that will keep kids RF longer, harnessed longer, boostered longer. SS2 just doesn't fit this ideal purpose.
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