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Car-Seat.Org ran a lot of contests in 2013. In fact, we gave away over $2000 in unsponsored contests and giveaways last year, by far the most in forum history. While this is a tiny fraction of what corporations and large websites giveaway in a week, I hope it is on par with other small social media and parenting websites!

I've just sent Private Messages to the handful of holiday contest winners that have not yet redeemed Amazon gift certificates. If you have it but just haven't had a chance to use it, that's fine. But if you lost it or never received it, I can resend it, though this will void the original one.

If you won a prize and did not receive it, please send me a message as soon as possible. Please include the link to the contest giveaway or let me know the prize/amount and date of the contest if possible.

Thank you to everyone who participated last year! With declining member participation, I don't know if we will be able to come close to last year's amount, but hopefully there will be a few holiday giveaway surprises as well as some giveaways by our sponsors throughout the year.

If you won a contest or received a giveaway, whether it was a gift card or carseat or anything, feel free to mention what you won in a reply to this thread! If it was a carseat or other physical item, please feel free to attach a photo or comment on it if you have used it:)

Last holiday season I started to include bonus prizes to reward loyal members who still participate here frequently and plan to do more of this for 2014. I'd also like your suggestions on whether these contests are fun, worthwhile, promote forum participation, etc. I'd also love to hear ideas for future contests as well.

Thank you again for a great 2013.


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I won a Maestro last year that I was able to give to a little boy who wasn't riding as safely as possible because his main seat was constantly being moved around. I was able to install his main seat in dad's truck to be left there full time (difficult install) and the Maestro is used for grandma's car and anytime he needs to ride with somebody else. Thanks for the giveaway- it was really appreciated :D


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I won a 2013 Parkway SGL last year.


I also recently won the pet photo contest! I won a $10 Amazon gift card for being a finalist, and a $100 gift card for having the most votes. I never thought I'd win, though I did feel certain it was the cutest picture. ;)


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I won a 20.00 giftcard-- but i'm boring and don't know what to buy with it! Probably a phone case in the next couple of weeks-- or a new carseat if spring ever arrives! Thanks cso!


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I won $80 to Kids-N-Cribs and I bought a 3 foot tall stuffed T-Rex and a twilight turtle, both were Christmas presents for my DS2. Thanks!!!!


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I won...some amount, that I do not recall...for guessing how old Darren was turning on his last birthday! :dance:

I bought some books too. I do love holding a real book and can't make the switch to a tablet.


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I "won" some chocolate from Darren after a scary encounter with a mean person in the Target parking lot. I know it's not a "real" prize, but it's one of those things that keeps me coming back here to my home board - the family-ness of it all :)


I won a $10 Amazon gift card for being a photo finalist. I accidentally spent it on a Kindle book, but DH and I are both reading it, so it's worth it :). I love CSO contests, and especially love the ones that reward loyalty. Even if I don't win, it's nice to see someone familiar win.


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I won a parkway sgl as well :)
Winning it allowed me to give my frontier 85 to a tech friend who's kid get too big to erf and doesn't have top tethers.

I love the parkway. It fits kids so well and is comfy so the kiddos I watch dont mind that I put them in a high back(or a booster at all).

I always feel guilty when im not on here :)


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I won a probooster that arrived early January. We love it! It works awesome in the second row of my van.


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We won a backless turbobooster - Thank you CSO! It mostly lives in our trunk as a spare for friends- which is nice to know we can safely give a buddy a ride.
Both older boys think they are pretty special on the occasions they have gotten to use it ;)

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