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i have a bjorn, a beco and an ergo... but i'm finding that it's quite cumbersome to use when i go in and out of the car to put DD in. she doesn't like waiting :eek:... there are lots of snaps and what nots. anyway, i thought maybe a sling will be better. so i bought the munchkin one from target. i don't know if it's this particular one but she's really snug in it (hardly any room anymore) and she's quite heavy (even tho she's not even 10 lbs yet). or am i using it wrong? are there other ones out there i should try before i give up? i want something easy... no rings, no snaps, no frills. thx
Hotsling! It is the best. Folds up as small as a recieving blanket in the diaper bag. 5 position carry, even on back. Super easy to use, no buckles, no straps, etc. Comes with DVD to explain how to properly position baby for all carries. The best thing is you buy according to the mothers size, so it fits the mom, and therefore the baby, perfect. No dangling kid at your knee, or cutting off mom's circulation! This was my 3rd carrier and not until my second child was about 6 months. Oh how I wish I had it from my 1st's newborn stage!


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thanks for all the help. i just went to one of those websites and found that the sling i bought is too small for me (tho i should fit size small... i'm 5'2" 130ish lbs right now). where do you find hotslings and peanut shells? babiesrus? target only has the munchkins now.


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Target used to have them on line last time I checked. That was a while ago. But I wouldn't order online at target. Their shiping is too much.

Walmart has them on line cheaper, and you could do site to store. I love that about walmart.


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You could look at the or put a ISO of here in the swap forum.
I got my Peanut Shell at the and just sold it locally.


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The Target near me has a bunch of Hotslings on clearance for $29. Babies R Us carries Peanut Shells instore and Hotslings online. (last time I checked)
where are you? there were no hotslings at the target i was at yesterday... i can check others but i really doubt it. we don't get any good clearance items... they're usually gone within a couple days. i still think $29 is expensive for 2 pieces of fabric sewn together.. probably in china. what's the pouch for? i couldn't figure it out.

jewels... thank you for the suggestion but i'd rather get it from a store to try to see if both DD and I like it first in case i need to return it. she's particular about what she likes. she did not like the bjorn... good thing it was free!

we have oodles and oodles of targets near me (3 to be exact within 5 miles) and babiesrus is close by so i'll go check them out. but the nearest walmart is far away... my city doesn't allow walmart invasion nor tall signs...

sidenote... i live in the safest city in the US, but someone stole my favorite umbrella from my front porch! :thumbsdown: that makes me feel real safe :mad:


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I highly recommend researching at the babywearer site. You can read reviews, ask more specific questions, stuff like that. Personally, I was never a fan of my snugli (similar to bjorn) or anything that style. Too complex, not comfy, and not good for baby. I would also avoid the infantino or any heavily padded sling. Most parents that I've read from say baby disappears and it's not very comfy. I love my angelpack LX (like beco) for older kids, so I wouldn't get rid of that one. For baby, I'm actually going to do a stretchy wrap (like moby or bali baby). It does have a learning curve, but with a stretchy and a newborn, you tie it on in the morning, then pop (take) baby in and out all day without retying. Might look it up and see if you'd like that. I've heard great things about peanut shell and hotslings. Many people also like the Maya wrap ringsling. Slings can also be worn as hip carriers for when baby is a little older. The best thing to do would be find a local store (or other mom, or babywearing group-check yahoo or so you can try before you buy. Some things work great for some people but don't fit others well and some babies are picky about how they are held. Good luck!


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if you are looking for something simple, a good pouch sling like the ones mentioned above is the simplest.

if you want something more adjustable that gives you a snugger fit now when baby is small, but loosens for older baby or toddler, then a ring sling is the next simplest.

if you don't mind a learning curve and a few extra steps putting it on and securing it, then a wrap sling is more complicated, but more versatile and distributes the weight best.

But whatever you go with, definitely check out the website mentioned and check out the types. They also will help you if you want to save cash and buy fabric and make your own.


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i still think $29 is expensive for 2 pieces of fabric sewn together.. probably in china. what's the pouch for? i couldn't figure it out.
Actually, this sounds even worse but it is one piece of fabric with ends sewn together unless you get a reversable one. There is a curve that makes the "pouch" which is what holds the baby in the carrier and the Peanut Shells and Hotslings also have padding for the babies legs when using the carrier for older babies. My mom made one and it was nice enough but honestly though I paid $20 for my Peanut Shell and I totally would have paid full price for a new one which in Canada is $50+ unless you can find a good sale.

Here is a link with instructions to make them but they can be tricky to get to sit comfortably and getting a good fit is extremely important for your comfort and babies.


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i tried the munchkin jelly roll (or whatever it's called) again today. i think it's exactly like the other two slings. i must have used it wrong yesterday. it was ok. she slept in it fine and i BF'ed her while walking around... :p it does feel a tad small for her, esp when i put her in. she cries. i couldn't find the bigger size at target today. she does feel heavy after a while. is that normal? i'm comparing it to the weight i feel with the beco.

thank you for the link to how to make it. it's quite interesting reading. it seems complicated... i guess i just have to fork out the $ for it.

i got the hotsling and peanut shell and i'm gg to try them all tomorrow. it's funny that peanut shell were different at BRU. one was the amy coe one with just 2 sizes and the other one was the regular one with 4 sizes. since the site said that sizing is very important, that's why i bought so many different ones to try at my leisure... :whistle:

i need to come up with a good idea and become an entrepreneur so i can stay at home...but then what a waste of my 13 years of higher education.:p


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yes... making a ring sling or wrap sling is much easier and there are ways to do it without sewing (finishing the ends with rubberbands and flipping them to hide them... makes the fabric useable for other things later... diaper covers, curtains/valances, a hammock (this is sometimes what people do with their old slings.. especially wrap slings, which can be really long for older kids where you need more fabric... you just hang it between two secure posts (trees) and the kid has a hammock.


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Okay, so I'm going to be the odd one here and say that I didn't like my pouch slings. I had a couple different ones. The first one I tried was a Hotsling and I just didn't like it. Then, I had a WAHM make me one using my exact measurements. She actually came to my house and measured me and let me pick out my fabric. That sling is very cute and it's better than the Hotsling, but still just isn't supportive enough for my liking. On the other hand, I LOVE my ring sling. It is an Ellaroo lightly padded ring sling. You can find ring slings in all different price ranges and lots of WAHM's make fabulous ones. If you don't have luck with the pouch slings, you might find that you love a ring sling. They are so adjustable and comfortable to wear and are truly hands free, whereas I never felt like my pouch slings were.

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