Which seat do I want?


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I wanted to love the grape CCO I ordered for DD but I did not like the untethered install and my vehicles do not allow (or have good spots for) RF tethering.
So I'd say make sure you can RF tether in your vehicles before you go with the cco.
The problem I had was that with either latch or seatbelt it could be tight side-to-side but a little bump at the head area could flip the whole head end of the cco towards the vehicle seat and then the install was ruined.

At this point I'm very glad I went with an infant bucket. My boys only used one for 3-4 months max, each. DD is 11 months and still in hers. I might switch her to a convertible in my main car in the summer. We will see.


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Can I bump this now that we're expecting?

Baby is due 10/1. I'm 99% positive we want a convertible rather than an infant seat.

I had been almost set on a Foonf but now I'm leaning toward a black CCO. Will I regret not having the convenience of an infant seat? Every nanny kid I've had or friends kids I've watched I've been real annoyed by the bucket.

Cars are an 07 CRV and an 08 Kia Spectra.

Again, bonus points if it comes in all black!

At least with the CCO, if you decide you want to bring baby in while sleeping, or even transfer the seat to a shopping cart, it's not heavy or difficult to do.

For me, the infant seat was key this time around. I did preschool drop off and pickup twice a day at 2 different schools. Baby got to sleep through a lot of in and out of the car time. Once he no longer slept through them regularly, we switched to a convertible.

But with one kid and a general dislike for a bucket? Skip it and go with a convertible.


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This one hasn't been mentioned yet, but have you considered a Milestone? There's even an all-black version! (Well, black and a very dark gray)
I've been through TONS of seats through the years - TONS - and I'd have to say the Milestone is currently my favorite. I :love: :love: :love: it!
I had a Coccoro for a short time before I sold it. HATED it. And I feel like the infant insert tends to create super awkward positioning, especially now that it's required to such a high weight.
When I unboxed my Milestone I was immediately impressed with the infant insert it comes with. The whole set-up looks so comfy. It's definitely going to be a lot longer lasting (and a HECK of a ton easier to install) than the CCO. It's not too wide, you can get a super compact install as baby grows older, etc. I feel like I can't stop singing the praises of this seat :eek: :p


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Someone did suggest the Milestone to me somewhere along the line. I looked at it and don't hate the almost all-black version, but Graco seats just don't really get me excited. They always seem kinda clunky.

I've heard lots of people say they love that seat though so I'll play with one next time I see a display model. It's worth checking out.

I've had 2 CCOs before and loved them, but that was for occasional use and before the infant insert was required for SO long. That's definitely annoying.


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It's a bad picture and my model baby instead of a real newborn, haha, but when I was playing with it I was really impressed about how it would fit.



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I didn't like the Coccoro either. Baby positioned chin/chest and weirdly with that insert. The install never seemed very secure. I sold it. :)

If you get a convertible seat, you'll never wish for the ease you had when using an infant seat! For me, I find it way easier to get the noob in the seat when it's in front of me rather than messing around with it in the car. Especially a cold car. It's nice for the winter. And you don't HAVE to leave the baby in it. But you can still have the convenience of it when you want it.


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I wasn't thrilled with the baby's position with the insert either. Against instructions I chose not to use it for my now toddler. Current baby it positions ok. Couldn't tell you what the difference was between them though. And the cco can be very slippery especially with the euro routing of the seatbelt. I much prefer latch.


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The only place I ever really liked my CCO install (and I LOVED it there) was in the 3rd row of my Mazda5. Euro routing + RF tether, load through the hatch. The Euro routing actually got the belt out of my way, I didn't have to worry about the tether interfering with airbags, and it was rock solid.


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(Oh, and I chose not to use the insert, too. At 5 months, it put him chin to chest, and he didn't need to be that reclined.)


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(Oh, and I chose not to use the insert, too. At 5 months, it put him chin to chest, and he didn't need to be that reclined.)

Wow. At 10 months Lydia still fits fine with the insert. I think she's be fine without it too, but it doesn't bother me to have to use it.

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